Isabel Dos Santos Contribution to the Empowerment of Women

Isabel Dos Santos is Africa richest woman. Isabel focuses on helping women and young women across Africa. During the United Nations debate, Isabel talked about empowerment of women and how they would play a significant role in transforming Africa’s economy. Isabel’s words of advice and encouragement have gone a long way in motivating African’s to work towards making their goals a success. Isabel’s advice focuses more on women.

Isabel Dos Santos believes that a large number of fruitful entrepreneurs have risen from Africa due to the continents business-minded nature. According to Isabel, Africa has ceased to grow due to the disapproval of women in most work institutions. The fact that women are looked down upon has inhibited women from aspiring to do more and working towards becoming successful. She fights against stigmatization of women which has also created a dent in the economy since women can be valuable assets in the growth of a country. Isabel Dos Santos believes that she can change people’s view of women and instill self-confidence in women; only if they are given equal opportunities as men; opportunities like access education and information, employment opportunities and mentorship.

Isabel dos Santos uses her philosophy of, “First the seed, then the future” in empowering women and making a change in the society. She has faith in steady growth rather than sudden change as a way of promoting growth. The seed that Isabel is talking, in this case, are African women; they need to be planted by allowing them to have economic freedom. Isabel has faith in the power of women to transform the economy with the right chances. Isabel believes that women are being held back since they are not given the right prospects that will allow them to achieve financial stability.

Over the years, Isabel has been working to ensure Africans are provided with suitable opportunities. Isabel dos Santos focuses most of her energy in Angola, her home town. She usually talks to young individuals on the importance and value of business and entrepreneurship. She visits various institutions in the countries providing insight on entrepreneurship. Dos Santos encourages young people to join the entrepreneurship and be part of the “great family.”

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Chicago Entrepreneur and Donor Perry Mandera Helps Mercy Home Residents Learn About Sustainability

Perry Mandera knows the value of giving. The Chicago, Illinois entrepreneur and Marines Corps serviceman employs hundreds of his fellow residents through his freight transportation company, The Custom Companies, Inc.

Mandera’s giving isn’t limited to business. His impressive charitable activities extend to a wide range of organizations and causes that provide relief to some of society’s most needy.

His organization Custom Cares Charities, Inc., provides relief through various activities and donations to causes benefiting those who have served in the military and children.

In coordinated efforts with the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, the Jesse White Tumblers, Mandera has organized transportation and donations supporting the delivery of 6500 coats to needy children in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Mandera’s other charitable activities have included supporting organizations engaged in the fight against cancer, providing aid and other contributions to victims of natural disasters and giving transportation services to families, whose lives have been adversely affected by natural disasters, across the country.

Most recently Perry Mandera has worked with AkzoNobel and the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls at its Hay Campus, promoting sustainability and social awareness activities. The Gardening Project combined the efforts of volunteers and Mercy Home workers along with residents of the program to revitalize the Home’s garden, planting vegetation and flowers.

Green Thumbs for a Greener World, as the rejuvenation program has become better known, expands the commitment of the organizations to promote self sufficiency and at the same time lower the community’s carbon footprint. The Mercy Home’s residents learn about the satisfaction that comes from participating in activities that promote social responsibility and sustaining the environment.


About Perry Mandera

After graduating from high school in 1975, Perry Manderas decided that the best direction for his life was to sign up for the Marine Corps Reserves.

That decision would have a life altering impact on Mandera’s life. He was assigned transportation duties during his service. Following his honorable discharge, Mandera formed his own transportation company after briefly working at other transportation firms in the area.

The Custom Companies, Inc., was founded by Perry Mandera in 1986. The company has recently exceeded $200 million in revenues.

An active giver, Mandera’s contributions have been recognized in his community and by the media.