Rocketship Education

When it comes to learning and education, students need to have a reason for the effort. Just the fact that they have to go to school is not a good enough reason. Rocketship Education is a charter school network that gives students the incentives to make learning fun and appropriate for their current situation.

Rocketship absolutely believes that it is vital that a partnership is formed between the teachers, students, parents and the community to further the excellence of education for the students. Parents are encouraged to become leaders and buy into the Rocketship philosophy of recognizing a student’s talents and helping the student exploit those talents.

Rather than be subjected to traditional large-scale classes that are found in most public schools, Rocketship students, called “Rocketeers,” enjoy smaller group sessions of around 4 to 6 students at a time where they have a chance to fully absorb the teaching along with excellent learning aids such as colorful charts and visual aids.

Digital learning takes place on an individual basis with students using a laptop and a headset. They receive structured lessons that they have to complete on the computer and it is very similar to what they already used to on their own devices. Games and puzzles are the formats that most students already know how to navigate, so this procedure fits what they are already proficient in this activity.

Individual sessions with tutors make up a significant part of Rocketship Education’s process. Here a student can ask any question they want and receive feedback instantly. This helps to build a student’s confidence because the tutor emphasizes the student’s abilities.

Students are excited about Rocketship Education because it is fun and lively. No more boring lectures as students participate in the blended learning concept where personal instruction along with digital learning and individual one-to-one tutoring takes place.

Rotate learning is used to help students concentrate in specific areas. Half of the day is spent in a traditional classroom setting, with the rest of the day spent in two other specialties such as math and humanities. Specialized teachers will teach the students in their specialties and targeted intervention makes up the rest of the curriculum.