“Handy” takes house cleaning to a whole new level.

I have to admit that I’m not exactly the neatest person. My house gets messy in just a matter of days and while I know I should be taking care of that myself, unfortunately, I don’t always have the time. or energy. But recently I came across a group called “Handy”, a company that dedicates itself getting your home in perfect working order.

Handy is very simple. First, you go onto their website or bigcitylittleblog.com, and select the date and time you’d like their professional to show up. They confirm your appointment and then you pay electronically. After that, your cleaner will show up at your location and then the last step is simply making your house look fresh and new.

Still skeptical? So was I at first. But then learned from janeexplains.com and I decided to do a little more research on them, and as it turns out Handy has been able to hit more than one million bookings a week! That’s pretty incredible in its’ own right, but I still wasn’t quite convinced. I learned more about the working conditions there, and was even more impressed to find that people there average about $18 and hour! I had trouble finding anyone who had a single negative thing to say about their services. So I broke down and finally tried it for myself, and all I can say is that I loved it! They offer many services: Furniture assembly, Interior Painting, TV Mounting, Moving Help, Hanging Pictures and Shelves, and of course Home Cleaning. They also come with an App for androids that offers a wide array of management tools and offers, making the whole process not only faster and easier but also far more intuitive. I highly recommend using Handy, for not only excellent home cleaning service but for a lifetime of care and support.