Linking United States through Railways: A Fortress – Branson Venture

The train system has been one of the oldest forms of mass transportation as long as human history is involved. The technology for train systems available for utilization of consumers have evolved through time. From coal-ran trains, to machine operated train lines, to magnet trains and light rail transits. We have continued to evolve and improve on our transportation means.

Recently one of the financial management giants, Fortress Investment Group, has partnered up with British Billionaire Richard Branson to expand the railway system of the Unites States. The joint venture of Fortress Investment Group and Richard Branson to rebrand Brightline into Virgin Trains. Learn more at

The Fortress Investment Group is definitely the best financial management corporation to handle such a big account and a big project for the United States. The Fortress Investment Group has been in the business of financial management and investments for over 30 years now and has handled thousands of clients and companies and has helped them handle their financial managements concerning real estate, equity, private investments and other financial agenda.

And who better to partner up with a transportation related venture than Richard Branson – a business tycoon and philanthropist who has eyed improving transportation through super jets. But since the technology has not yet permitted this kind of travel, he has set his eyes on making mass transportation more accessible by funding and investing on Brightline and expanding a train system that is available nationwide.

Virgin Trains is set to be the rebirth of a profitable railway system and it is the very first train and railway system that is funded by a private investor, that will be in direct competition of government funded Amtrak, which is the main train system competition of the United States.

The Fortess and Richard Branson led venture involving the rebranding of Brightlines to Virgin Trains is at the best interest of the citizens of the United States. Virgin Trains is set to link every major and high-traffic region in the United States which will make mass transportation more comfortable, more convenient and more accessible to the citizens of the United States of America. Every one is excited for the completion of the Fortress and anson led project!


OSI Industries aims at global expansion

OSI Industries is a leading company in the production of processed foods. It is one of the companies that have shown the ability to meet the needs of the customers by making sure that there is sufficient food in the market. This is a company that complies with all regulations that guide food production operations in order to protect customers from unsafe products. OSI is a top private business in the United States that appears in the list if the top 100 businesses in the country according to the Forbes. To meet the needs of the market, they have employed over 20,000 workers in 17 countries where they are currently operating in. Find out more at to learn more about OSI.

The success of OSI Industries has everything to do with the input of the leadership. The top executives in this company have made efforts to see that the company grows and achieves all the goals it has set. CEO Sheldon Lavin has cooperated with COO David McDonald to manage the operations of the company. While Lavin is knowledgeable about finances, McDonald is more knowledgeable about the food supply chain. He has experience working with other organizations where he was handling the supply business. Both of them have been in this company for a long time. Their combined experience is over 70 year. With such kind of experience, they are the best we have seen in this industry.

OSI Industries is growing its operation steadily. It is also taking up the use of new technologies as a way of meeting the needs of the industry. New technology brings efficiencies in production work and also protects the environment. OSI wants to apply sustainable production methods that will maintain production at high levels while at the same time protecting the environment. The British Safety Council recently awarded the company the Globe of Honour Award for maintaining safety standards.

OSI Industries is still in the process of growing its operations further. The company aims to take its operations to all corners of the earth. For the past three years, there has been extensive expansion operations in Europe, a market where they want to penetrate and dominate.




Paul Mampilly- Senior Editor of Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing is one of the fastest growing publishers of investment information today. The site publishes high-quality information on investment opportunities that are available in the modern day. The editors of this firm are providing readers in an easy to understand manner that enables them to understand investment opportunities that are available in the economy. The site offers advice on various investment opportunities which include options plays, income-producing investments, mid-cap stocks, undervalued U.S companies, commodities and natural resources. The information available on this website is good for individual investments. Visit at to know more.

Banyan Hill Publishing was founded in 1998, then known as “The Sovereign Society.” The firm established itself as a leading investment organization that enhanced the culture of personal sovereignty and self-reliance. The company provided advice on global investments strategies, international business corporations, and tips on maintaining financial privacy among other services.

In 2016, the site was rebranded and renamed Banyan Hill Publishing so that it could offer advice on assets protection, entrepreneurship and investing. The editors aim to help Americans to attain “financial freedom” by applying the knowledge provided to be able to make financial decisions of their own. The aim is also to help them make investment decisions with low risk of losses and other business risks that people are faced with today.

Banyan Hill Publishing is offering information and assistance on growing and protecting wealth. By following the steps taken by the site owners, reader stands a chance of making wise business decisions. Most Banyan Hill Publishing experts have been great financial advisers and have practiced as hedge fund managers, have been newsletters, authors, financial advisers to top world leaders among other positions. So, when they are giving information to readers, they are sure of what they are writing about. One of the prominent editors in this firm is Paul Mampilly – an entrepreneur and investment guru.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a Senior Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the author of two newsletters; Profits Unlimited and the Extreme Fortunes newsletters. He specializes in looking for investment opportunities in technology and small-cap stocks.

Paul Mampilly appears in various business media channels such as Fox Business news, Bloomberg and CNBC. His first role in the financial sector was as the assistant portfolio manager of Bankers Trust. He later worked with other top financial institutions in the world such as Deutsche Bank and ING where he was managing multi-millions. Watch:


Freedom Checks are Real

Everyone in the world is trying to look for an investment opportunity that will turn out to be ideal at the end of the day. There are so many areas where people can invest and earn some cash, despite the challenges that have hit the market. Although the competition in the market is quite high for the people who are investing for the first time, it is possible to perform well and earn money in the competitive market. In the last few months, an ad has been going round in most radio and television stations. Several social media platforms have also shared this ad, claiming that freedom checks are ideal for the modern investors. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

In one of the freedom checks ads, Matt Badiali, a well-known investment strategist speaks about this modern way of making money. Matt Badiali is shown holding a huge check that resembles those are offered by the government when an individual is getting a tax refund. Matt Badiali is a top rated professional who commands a lot of respect because of his contributions in the corporate world. Badiali works with an institution that is called Banyan Hill Publishing, and he has been teaching American investors about natural resources. The businessman chose this career path inluding freedom checks several years ago when he was already doing so well when working as a scientist.

There are many people who have already considered the freedom checks investment opportunity as a scam. These views might just have written off the idea because this deal looks too good to be the truth. The ideal looks to be a get rich quickly opportunity that has very low chances of working for the ordinary citizen to gain any profit from the opportunity. Many people are believed to have acquired this instinct because of the simple nature of the advert. It is not normal for the government to write an ordinary check for a citizen without any critical reason. For most people, this investment opportunity is just not possible. Many people have only been seeing this as a way of losing money.

In the modern times, people have been losing their hard earned money because of the companies they have chosen to invest in. There are millions of people who have decided that they will scam innocent people by using investment opportunity. Matt Badiali and the team at Banyan Hill believe that investing in Banyan Hill is a great way of earning profits. Badiali has told Americans to go for this investment opportunity because of the benefits that they will get at the end of the day. Learn more:


Southridge Capital: Standing Out As A Leader In Financial Advisory And Asset Management

Southridge Capital is a company that has time and again demonstrated that they are the financial advisor to seek for those who want to aid the financial growth of their companies. Southridge Capital tries its best to offer a range of services to clients which can assist their overall growth and help them with their financial goals. The company has been able to support clients coming to them from a varied range of fields and industries.



One of the reasons why the company has been able to grow so much over the past few years is because of the advisors and analysts working at the company. Southridge Capital takes great care to ensure that the people working with them are well experienced in the field and know exactly how to approach every goal that their clients are setting down. The company that has come to them have put forth positive reviews regarding the workings of the company and the endeavors that it is looking to take on.



The company has tried to offer a wide range of options to that they can take care of every need that clients come to them with. This includes things like Financial analysis, mergers, and acquisitions, restructuring analysis and a lot more. Through the full range of services that they provide, Southridge has truly been able to cover every aspect of the facilities that are offered by financial companies.



The company operates out of its headquarters in Connecticut. The company has worked with several companies of varying sizes and handles a sizeable amount of assets that the clients bring to them. You can visit their website




The leaders at the company are also one of the more significant reasons why the company has grown to become such a well-known name. The leading members of the company are Narine Persaud, Laurence Ditkoff, Henry Sargent and Linda Carlsen. Having an incredible amount of experience in the field, the leaders of the company have been able to guide Southridge Capital towards a profitable future where they stand out in the industry.  Check out for more details.




In addition to offering financial services, the company also actively tries to support community development and projects in collaboration with charitable organizations.





Candid Talk With OSI Group President David McDonald:

OSI Group President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald recently talked candidly about his career with CEOCFO Magazine. David talks about how he joined OSI Group over thirty years ago and the company had a huge hunger for growth. That appetite still remains today according to David. He asserts that growth, along with customer service is the cornerstone of the OSI Group philosophy. The family culture at OSI demands that customers and employees be treated as family. David is of the opinion that OSI’s customers and partners, along with the company’s great people is what has allowed the company to grow from a regional food wholesaler to a global leader in creative, custom food solutions. David is asked about how he sets and encourages the company’s culture with such a large operation that stretches across the globe. David says it comes down to the great partnerships that OSI Group has. The company’s partners know the business in their respective regions of the world. OSI also encourages entrepreneurial spirit by using their customers as inspiration. David states that the company is at its best when being pushed by a challenge a customer presents. Exceeding customer expectations is always the goal of every OSI Group transaction with its customers. David McDonald is also a huge proponent that you can’t deny change. Change is inevitable and the most successful companies are the ones that can quikly adapt to changing market. Being able to quickly adapt always puts a company in the lead in its industry. David maintains his entrepreneurial passion after thirty plus years with OSI due to the fact that every day presents new challanges. The company’s core values always stay the same, but each day is a new set of problems to solve and new individuals to interact with.

About OSI Group:

OSI Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kowlschowsky under the name Otto & Sons. More than a century later the organization is one of the largest food wholesale and food solutions operations in the world. OSI Group has facilities in 17 countries worldwide. Major clients to the firm include McDonald’s, KFC, Subway and Papa John’s.

About David McDonald:

David McDonald is President, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board of Directors with OSI Group. He has been with the compnay since 1987 after he completed his animal science degree at Iowa State University in Ames Iowa.

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OSI Industries Continues Making Big Moves In Europe With Acquisition Of Flagship Europe:

OSI Industries, a world leader in food processing and custom food solutions to the food service and retail industry, recently acquired the United Kingdom based speciality food company Flagship Europe. Flagship specializes in foods ranging from pies, frozen poultry and condiments. As Flagship joins the extensive OSI Industries family of companies, it will also rebrand. As part of a new marketing being put behind the company, it will now operate under the name Creative Foods Europe.

The acquisition and rebranding of Flagship Europe as Creative Foods Europe is a part of a larger expansion plan that OSI Industries has been undertaking in Europe over recent years. It is all a part of the company’s continued expansion plans. Recent years have seen a large increase OSI’s European footprint. The Flagship acquisition came in 2016. Two years earlier, OSI Industries forged a valuable partnership with United Kingdom beef producer Pickstock. This match has worked out perfectly for OSI due to Pickstock having such an inside track within the market in Britain.

2016 saw OSI Industries acquire the Dutch food wholesaler Baho Food as well. Baho has a significant distribution reach across Europe and operates facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. This is a large addition to OSI’s footprint in Europe. OSI President David McDonald is thrilled with this acquisition due to the excellent boost that it provides to OSI’s portfolio in the European market. OSI Industries has also put a €17 million investment into its facility located in Toledo, Spain. The improvement to the production line at the location has doubled chicken production. In recent year there had been a marked increase in demand for processed chicken in OSI’s markets in Spain and Portugal. This upgrade was in response to the growing demand. It is part of OSI Industries continued commitment always being able to provide its customers with the best possible food solutions.

About OSI Industries:

OSI Industries is an American meat processing and food solutions company based out of Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded by Otto Kolschowsky back in 1909 as a small meat market and grew into a regional wholesaler. As the company grew, it picked up some big clients along the way such as McDonald’s. This relationship continues to this day. In the 1970s the company started expanding nationally and globally and today operates in 17 countries worldwide. OSI Industries is a top 100 food company in the United States and one of the worlds biggest companies of its type. The company has always maintained a reputation for family values and outstanding customer service.

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Market America Is Awsome

Market America was created in 1992. They offer all kinds of products via People are excited to receive a multitude of choices in product selection. Some of the products include: Garden and pet care, personal care, cosmetics and more. They offer great prices for people that are looking for bargains.

Their headquarters is based in NC. They also have other locations in Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada and Mexico and more. This company is a product brokerage firm that deals in multi level marketing company that is offering people just what they are looking for.

Many people are using Market America for accumulating the necessities that they need. They love the prices, and the convenience that the company offers to them. They are more than happy to find out that they can get items for less. Since they the company is offering all kinds of things that will help them with their everyday life, they will need to live. Since they will find that the prices are so good, they will be able to get the things that they want for the prices that are good for them.

The company is looking at a very good future. They are going to be around for a very long time. Since they are able to do a lot of good for the people, they are liked, and willing to be able to help them. Having the ability to offer products for low prices makes them happy for being the way they are. They are also looking at doing even more in the future. It will be a great way for people to do the best that they can with the money that they have.

For Market America, the professionals that work them are great at what they do. They are always looking to add more and more to their array of products. Since it is also a new and innovative company, they are utilizing the technologies that are available to them. They are great at looking into them, and they will make everything that they can available to their customers. Market America is ready for more business.

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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews on life-changing experiences

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews on life-changing experiences
Freedom Debt Relief is the largest debt negotiator in America. Since its inception in 2002, FDR has significantly helped thousands of Americans reduce their debts and also enabled them off quicker and fast. The company aims to provide the best debt solution and put consumers first. According to several Freedom Debt Relief reviews and testimonials, it has stayed true to their mission.

Gary G, an independent contractor testifies about how Freedom Debt Relief helped him get a hold of his debt problem. In the Freedom Debt Relief reviews, he explains that his business was facing a hard time and over time he found he had accrued so much debt just to keep his business from going under. When the debts became too much to handle, Gary decided to get some help. Being a man and a boss, the call to Freedom Debt Relief was difficult to make.However, Gary says “talking to someone on the phone very understanding and assured me that I was not alone and that was why the program existed to help. This made me feel better, and we laid out a plan” he goes on to say that starting the program was a relief to know there was a plan to get him to repay the debts. He concludes  freedom debt reviews by saying” I would refer and encourage anybody that is in that position to contact Freedom Relief, they are fantastic to work with. They understand that you’re not alone and you are not the first one this has ever happened to.”

For Julie M, Freedom Debt Relief saved her marriage. She explains in the Freedom Debt Relief reviews testimonials how her husband suddenly got laid off work .unfortunately they did not have enough savings to get them through when he was looking for work. They began using her businesses credit card for business expenses and soon after they were in too much debt. It was then that she realized they needed to get help. “What was nice about Freedom debt relief is that when I talked to my first contact, is that they were very felt like they cared, it gave me a sense of relief.” Julie testifies. She goes on to say that it was a great place for them to it the reset button on their finances. She concludes by saying “I really believe in this company and it has done well for helped our marriage.”

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