Drew Madden’s Passion for Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT is a broad abstraction that deals with different technologies when it comes to sharing, storing and analyzing health issues. Medics use this technology to take better care of their patients. But, healthcare IT isn’t just meant for personnel in the medics department – it can be used to improve patient-doctor communication, rethink advance care planning, track logistics within the hospital, care coordination, provide a platform for residents to communicate and schedule appointments and a tool for managing medication reconciliation.

Drew Madden is one of the leading entrepreneurs and experienced executive in the healthcare information technology. He is passionate about establishing outstanding and desirable company customs, high-quality teams and strong customer association.

Drew was the CEO of Nordic Consulting Partners for five years since 2011 to 2016. He had joined the company in 2010. Nordic company is a large epic consultation firm that has received multiple KLAS awards for being excellent in consulting. The company was ranked the first in 2012 and 2014 for implementing Epic services. In 2014, Drew revealed that he was interested in electronic media records. During this period, he managed to partner with the best and the brightest in the optimization, implementation, troubleshooting fields. While serving in this company, the company managed to advance in various dimensions, from employees, partners, clients and overall profits.</li>


Drew Madden has also worked in the healthcare information technology department at the Cerner Corporation. He holds an Industrial Engineering bachelor’s degree although he focused on systems that handle medicine. This degree was attained in the Iowa College of Engineering University.

Currently, Drew serves as a managing partner at the Evergreen Healthcare Partners. They co-founded this company, and to date, the firm is doing well. They offer solutions that have been designed with the lasting performance of their customers in mind. This is what sets them apart from other IT service providers in the healthcare sector. What’s more, Drew is known for valuing his customers and always endeavors to establish good relationships with everyone. Clearly, Drew is a force to reckon with in healthcare IT.