Dr. Rod Rohrich: Compassion and Care

Dr. Rohrich’s experience alone is enough to convince you that he is one of the best plastic surgeon’s in the United States. His work has garnered numerous awards, most recently, he was selected by Castle Connolly as a top plastic surgeon in the country. He has a decorated academic and training record, a few notables include Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Michigan, Harvard, and Oxford. If that wasn’t enough, he has written over 700 articles on plastic surgery and authored 5 textbooks on the field. However, what sets Dr. Rohrich apart from other top surgeons is not this prestigious resume, it is the compassion with which he delivers his care.

A thread of compassion can be seen throughout the things that Rohrich does. He has a philosophy of treating all patients equal and works with a great diversity of patients. Rohrich is highly regarded for his work in secondary rhinoplasty and other corrective procedures that fix complications from poorly performed plastic surgeries. He seems to have a true heart for patients and making things better for them. Rohrich’s refining spirit is not just confined to his medical practice. His compassion extends outward; he is an advocate for patient safety and gives counsel to how others should go about choosing their plastic surgeon. He has advanced the field with significant innovations in procedural processes and advancements in understanding. Additionally, he is a professor at UT Southwestern and is training the next generation of plastic surgeons to be more effective medical professionals and future innovators.

It should not come as a surprise that Dr. Rohrich’s life extends into the philanthropic realm. In support of his undergraduate alma mater and home state, Rohrich’s own foundation funds a University of North Dakota medical student’s tuition yearly. A Dallas resident, he has also been involved in a number of organizations in the DFW metroplex: March of Dimes, Save the Children of Dallas, Dallas for Children Foundation, American Cancer Society, and the Evergreen Gala Advisory board. Finally, Dr. Rohrich helped found the Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery Foundation, a non-profit which helps women discern reconstruction options after breast cancer and provides charitable reconstructive surgery to women who cannot afford the procedure.

Compassion and care are certainly the markers of Dr. Rod Rohrich–a specialist in every sense of the word.