While Searching For Unicorns, We Found Their Queen, Doe Deere


It’s not every day that someone sets out to search for a unicorn. In case you don’t already know, this is not a task to be taken lightly. You never know what you will find, for example, we set out to prove that unicorns were real and we found the Unicorn Queen herself. Her name is Doe Deere.If you are one of the people who know nothing about unicorns or their queen, you really need to meet Doe Deere. Doe is an amazing and very colorful queen. Doe’s personality sparkles and burns as bright as some of her amazing creations.

Doe is the creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics company. Russian born and growing up in New York City, Doe quickly because involved with the scene of fashion and makeup. She wanted to offer the makeup users what they were looking for, brighter makeup that would hold up. She created Lime Crime in 2008 and a year later the company launched a lipstick line that people loved. Today, Lime Crimes Unicorn Lipsticks remain popular and colorful.When that lipstick line was launched it made makeup history because all of the lipsticks on the market were bland and didn’t offer the wearer much in the way of color. It was Doe Deere that had the genius to reinvent lipsticks in true to life color. Radical lip colors were something that everyone wanted but no makeup company was willing to take the gamble on, Doe Deere and Lime Crime stepped up to the plate and hit the makeup coloring out of the ball park.

Listening to the needs of customers is one think that Lime Crime does good. When there is a request or demand for a color or shade, Lime Crime stands up and does their best to break the mold of the nine to five makeup company. Let’s face it, Doe Deere is not your grandmothers make up creator. As queen of the unicorns, Doe Deere takes her position very seriously and as a result prevention of animal cruelty is always at the top of the list. No unicorns or other animals are harmed in the process of Lime Crime’s Makeup testing. That’s not to say that the unicorns don’t wear the Unicorn Lipstick of their own free will. Keeping that in mind, all of Lime Crimes products are cruelty free and Vegan friendly too.

When you want a makeup that is fun to wear and meets your needs of personal expression, you will want to check out Lime Crime and while you are there, say hello and Thank You to Doe Deere.

For more, visit http://www.doedeere.com/

Lime Crime Cosmetics-Filling the Void of what is Missing in Cosmetics

Doe Deere, the genius behind the Lime Crime Cosmetics brand on Amazon began her cosmetics line with the mindset of creating a whimsical and feminine, almost rave-inspired palette of colors that has never before been used in the world of cosmetics, especially one that can compete with a lot of the larger brands, like Mac cosmetics, L’Oreal or Maybelline.

Today, Lime Crime Cosmetics boasts an extensive collection of eyeshadows, lip liners lipsticks, lip gloss and eyeliners. Because of their exotic and mesmerizing fluorescent color palette, she has completely won over a crowd of girls who understand the elements that Doe Deere brings to the cosmetics industry is sorely needed.

Lime Crime is a collection of cosmetics that uses the idea of us living in a world where fantasy and glamour are the dominating factors. Along with her cruelty-free ethos, Doe Deere’s company is one of unique standing.

The name Lime Crime stems from an idea that wearing and creating a cosmetics line should be fun and extremely provocative. Most models in the world of fashion see that fair-skinned, very cute girls often look hottest when they combine the elements of forbidden and sexy with the innate cuteness that the Lime Crime Cosmetics brand provides. Not until now could you find a line of cosmetics that complements women with very soft and pale features as well Lime Crime has been able.

The Lime Crime brand stems from the founders love and passion for Eastern European fairytales. There are a lot of very beautiful and feminine girls out there who are not being represented very well in by any makeup brand in the world. It is as if they’d do not want very fair skinned women to wear makeup at all besides black eyeliner, black mascara red lipstick. Her desire to create beautiful and exquisite things, not just in childhood, but in adulthood has enabled her to solidify her brand as one of the strongest makeup companies in the industry.

Lime Crime is a famously thematic brand that focuses on the feel and the vibe of the theme that it is promoting. So, for example, if they are promoting their Unicorn Line, it will be a collection of all of the colors, textures, glitters and tones that are typically associated with unicorns. If her theme is something more sensual, then she may choose to darken the colors of the palette for that theme. One common thread that ties her entire collection of brands together is its vibrant and exhilarating appearance, using a palette that is largely either pastel or neon typically with lots of lip glosses and lip liners to really amplify the feminine, soft void thatLime Crime Cosmetics is currently filling.