Desiree Perez Pushes the Value of Tidal


Jay Z has always risen to the top with some type of partnership. In the early days of Roc-A-Fella it was Dame Dash that helped Jay-Z lead the business in the right place. When Jay produced albums he switched between producers like Swizz Beats and Timbaland. He would later transition to Kanye West. As time went on he would find himself looking for a partner in music and love. This would be Beyonce. Now he has been able to build a working relationship with Desiree Perez, and this is has been what has made him successful with Tidal.

The Tidal brand has worked well with Desiree Perez, but things were not this always this way. In the beginning there were a lot of people that praised the birth of a music streaming service that would be owned by the fans. All of this praise would be enough to spark a media frenzy about Tidal. It would not, however, be enough to lead people away from Pandora and Spotify. Loyal fans that has already downloaded these apps where comfortable with the music streaming services that they had. The concept of artists that owned a music streaming service sounded great, in theory, but logically it wasn’t something that people were willing to invest in.

Desiree Perez has quietly been the one working behind the scenes. She has changed the minds of many individuals that never would have considered getting involved with Tidal. This is the magic of Dez Perez. She is someone that is experienced in closing high dollar contracts, and she always seems to come out on top. She is what one would call an excellent negotiator of contracts. People see what she is doing for Tidal and they are intrigued by her presence.

Desiree Perez is someone that knows how to push the value of Tidal. For some fans the music streaming services may look about the same. There has to be a distinguishing factor that makes the Tidal brand stand out. Desiree recognizes that and she has done something about it. That is why the Tidal streaming service has started to take off. The perceived value has changed. Desiree Perez is the one that has orchestrated this change. She has become the pioneer of pushing the value of Tidal for customers. She has been able to build brand quality, and this has made her a rising star at Tidal.