Ara Chackerian on Keeping Public Interest in Mind

Ara Chackerian’s fame stretches beyond the mere bounds of being a successful entrepreneur. When he attained this status, he was, of course, proud of his achievement, but he knew there was much more to be done. In particular, he wanted to explore the ever-growing world of philanthropy and see what he could contribute towards it. One of the mistakes many young entrepreneurs make that Ara Chackerian wanted to avoid is spending all your money on an organization that does not genuinely have public interest at heart.

While it disgusts him, he is aware that there are many corporations out there looking to simply take advantage of their audience to make a profit. This is something that Ara Chackerian has made sure never to do throughout his career, and he has even set up counter-measures to ensure that nobody within his company is ever anointed the position where they are able to do wrong unto the world. After all, it is for the sake of the rest of the world that he got into business in the first place. When he saw that the world was in need of help, he believed that he could be the man to do it. Of course, believing is one thing, but actually taking the steps to do so is another entirely. Ara Chackerian did not just want to be someone who claimed they would have an impact on the rest of the world; he wanted to actually do it.

Because of this, it would seem as though he is pushing as hard as he is able towards improving the current structure of his business. It is important to recognize, however, that when he develops his influence and further expands his operations, he is doing so not for his own interests but for those of the public.