Great Summer Arm Exercises You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime

productive matt landis
Matt Landis, world renowned fashion model has to look good, it’s his job. Getting in shape requires hard work and discipline but this Livestrong summer arm workout routine is easy enough that anyone can do it. Let’s go over this simple, yet effective, workout that you can do at home.

Working Your Triceps

When people think arms they normally think biceps. The fact is that two thirds of yoru arm is made up of your triceps. To get your triceps in shape all you’ll need is a chair. Position yourself so that your arms are behind you and your fingers are gripping the edge of your chair. Keep your feet together and stretch your legs out so that your arms are supporting your weight. Now lower yourself until your arms hit a 90 degree angle and push up. Congratulations, you just did a chair dip! Remember, never go lower than 90 degrees or you risk having a shoulder injury.

Easy Bicep Exercise

Chin-ups are the best body weight exercise for your biceps. As a bonus they also work your upper back too. The concept is simple, find a bar that can support your body weight, grab it, and pull yourself up to your chin repeatedly. If you’re not used to this exercise don’t be surprised if you can only do one or two at a time. Keep training and you’ll get stronger while toning your biceps!

Shoulder Toning

This body weight exercise will require some special equipment. What you need is a bar suspended slightly above your upper torso. Lay beneath the bar on your back with your belly directly beneath the bar. Now bend your knees and keep your heels on the floor. Grab the bar and pull your torso up. Think of this as sort of a reverse pushup that focus more on the shoulders rather than the chest.