Is Your Dog a Picky Eater?

If your dog is a picky eater, then you know how hard it can be to find a nutritional food that will also meet the scrutiny of their taste buds. Your dog’s taste can also change and why should we expect them to eat the same thing day in and day out with no variety? You are absolutely correct if you say that we shouldn’t!Give your baby a healthy meal of Kibble in one of the many flavors available and you can even choose from varieties such as Healthy Puppy, Playful Life, Dogs Healthy Weight, or the Incredibitesvarieties with meaty chunks that any dog will love.

You can add wet dog food to kibble to fill your dog up, give them more variety in their diet, add some moisture into the diet of a dog that is not one to drink enough water or just as a special occasion treat. Dogs who burn more calories naturally, due to an active lifestyle, might be the best candidates to have wet food supplemented alongside their dry kibble. Senior dogs with sore teeth or gums will appreciate the wet food as well. Bear in mind that wet food is also a great way to give some dogs medications that can be stirred up in the delicious foods for your dog that have them lapping it up so fast that they never notice that pill.

Beneful Healthy Weight Blends are designed as more of a gourmet line, with carrots and wild rice added into the recipe to give additional nutritional benefits as well as being full of mouth-watering flavor. When you open the packaging, the food actually smells good enough to eat it yourself. That’s how you know you are feeding quality food and when you watch your best pal eat the food as quicklky as they can, you’ll know that they are happy and satisfied.Wrap up the training sessions with a treat from Baked Delights product line. Give your friend a treat when you leave the house or when you come home. These nutritious and delicious snacks will be a welcome surprise to even the most scrutinizing and picky eater.

Beneful Nutrition for Happy Healthy Dogs

While pet nutrition is important and your dog’s health and wellness is our first priority, your pet is an extension of your personality or your lifestyle and interests. Refrigerated pet foods are increasing brand awareness, and premium manufacturers are releasing duck jerky and cheeseburger dog treats. Chunky chicken, beef stroganoff, and lasagna appeal to pet owners and devour half of the $23.7 billion pet-food market in the United States. Your dog can’t choose for herself. Purina acquired Merrick Pet Care to incorporate the finest minds in dog nutrition into the production of their Beneful product line. Your pet is a member of your family, but fresh meat from your table increases your dog’s blood urea nitrogen, which is produced in the liver and filtered in the kidneys. Purina Beneful’s team of 400+ researchers blend food nutrients, textures, and tastes to help you choose what to feed your dog. From diced and chopped to hearty chunks, the amount and type of protein your dog needs depends on his breed, age, genetics, and his health. Puppies require extra protein, and lactating females and healthy old dogs require protein which is easy to digest. Senior dogs require medium-chain triglycerides to metabolize the amino acids in protein. One of Beneful’s special blends combines the protein found in coconut oil with chicken or beef, greens, and grains to create a high protein diet for senior dogs to help them maintain their weight, strength, and energy level. Beneful chefs also serve roast pork and lamb with carrots, barley, and green beans in convenient single serve dishes or in multipacks of 3 to 10 ounce servings. Beneful fills your dog’s bowl with healthy goodness and joy. Beneful offers an endless selection of dry kibbles, treats, and packaged meals to help your dog relive the chase, wade at the water’s edge, or regain youthful vitality and energy. Natural probiotics from spinach and kale in every healthful serving of Beneful improve your dog’s digestive health. Beneful packaged meals are scientifically prepared to meet your dog’s nutritional needs and all special veterinarian-ordered restricted and medical diets.