Beneful Products Every Dog Owner Should Try

Beneful, a Purina product, is made with real ingredients and keeps your pets nutrition in mind. All products have balanced nutrients, and give a flavor your furry friend will love. Here are some products that I can’t get enough of.

Beneful:Originals dry dog food
The Originals dry dog food comes in beef, chicken, or salmon flavor. All of these flavors are made to meet the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles. This is an adult dog food takes care of all the nutrients that your dog needs. It is also one of the top selling varieties on Amazon.
Beneful:Healthy Weight dry dog food
IF you’re anything like me, I sometimes like to spoil my little guy. This can mean feeding him table scraps, and that leading to getting a bit heftier than he should be. When this happens I buy Healthy Weight food. This is made with real chicken and has ten percent less calories than the other products. It still taste amazing, so your dog doesn’t even know he/she is on a diet.
Beneful:Healthy Puppy dry dog food
This is a product I haven’t used in a long time, but when my dog was a puppy this was a must. It contains DHA which helps with vision development and supports a healthy brain. This food also contains real chicken, and has all of the nutrients your puppy needs, all the while tasting great.
Beneful:Baked Delights Hugs treats:
I can’t talk about products for your dog and not mention a yummy treat. Hugs are made with real beef and cheese. These are perfect for training or just giving your dog a yummy snack.
Make sure to give Beneful a try for your dogs well balanced diet. These are just a few of the many wonderful products Beneful has to offer. Give them all a try. Visit the nearest Wal-Mart store and try these products today.

The Real Scoop About Beneful

Nestle Purina was hit with a class action lawsuit over their dog food “Beneful” that has since been proven false and baseless and the matter has been resolved. The people at Purina have a real pride in the products they create, and real love for the pets themselves that they serve. During the trying time where their name was called in question, it was the Purina workers themselves who knew first hand about the real benefits that dogs get from eating Beneful, and spoke up.

Many of the Purina employees feed Beneful to their own dogs with complete assurance and confidence. They love the fact that they are making food for their own pets, and never did they doubt Beneful, they already knew how great it really is. The dog food manufacturer has spent a great deal of time and money developing food that has always been safe, nutritious, and dogs just love the taste of it.

In today’s world, too often some will try unjust means to attack companies they think they can falsely accuse of wrongdoing and get away with their hard earned money. In the case of Beneful dog food, justice was served and Purina’s good name has been cleared. The dog food was never a danger to any animal and with Purina, the customers and their dogs will always have great food with no worries.

This is good news for those worried about Beneful; the truth is that there really was and never will be an actual cause for legitimate concern. Pet owners that love their dogs need to know that the workers of Purina are just like them, and they have always known and trusted their company and fellow employees to make one of the worlds best dog foods, day after day without fail.