Pop To The Top Laerte Codonho

There is no doubt that every multinational corporation wants to be on top within their industry but with everyone clawing and scraping to get there there’s bound to be a fair share of issues and unfair competitive techniques. For instance, the long struggle between Dolly sodas and Coca Cola. Laerte Codonho, founder of Dolly sodas and a master marketer, took it upon himself to approach the situation differently (Conjur).

Almost everyone is familiar with the brands Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper so just who is Dolly soda? Dolly is a Brazilian soda brand that has been around since 1987. This is also the same year that founder Laerte Codonho introduced Brazil to its first diet soda. The “first” is either a flop or turns out to be something great. Fortunately for Laerte Codonho, both this new contribution and other popular products began to raise national awareness of the brand by the late 1990s making it possible to compete in the major leagues.

Unfortunately with bigger fame comes the potential of bigger problems. Although Dolly soda fans were loving the products and giving them a try over the more well-known name brands, Laerte Codonho also came across some not so positive attention. In particular from that of none other than Coca Cola. They created interferences that made Laerte fell victim to criminal accusations, reduced market shares, and even bankruptcy. They were not very fond of Dolly pulling profits away from them so they did what many large multi-national corporations with greater financial and legal resources do when the little guys step on their toes. 

Laerte Codonho understood that this was not a little bump in the road that could be easily avoided with minimum damage and that he had to go about fighting back strategically. He did what he did best using marketing strategies that displayed the quality of his products such as campaigning, billboards, and handwritten notes for the camera. Laerte Codonho understood that behind closed doors his company was basically alone. Dolly did not become the brand it was alone so, what better way to keep standing than making sure its supporters knew the truth behind the matter as well.

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