ClassDojo Opens the Lines of Communication

Unfortunately, edtech investments are expected to fall short of the anticipated $1.5 billion mark in 2015, but since 2016, education technology is on the up-and-up and are expected to reach a whopping $1.4 billion by the end of 2017.

Overall, 2017 has been promising for edtech startups, and learning startups such as Nearpod had a pretty good year.Nearpod alone achieved $21 million in fundraising which helped to catapult its success. Gamification platforms such as Classcraft have done particularly well.

The main market for edtech products are often administrative, and support staff and teachers have a lot of pull. They are typically looking for products that will solve problems, are tested and proven to be effective teaching tools, and are easily adopted into the setting where students will be taught. ClassDojo is a perfect example of what teachers are looking for, and it is an effective communication platform.

ClassDojo is a very effective tool for teachers since it is easily integrated into the classroom and it also solves many of the challenges that teachers are faced with on a daily basis. ClassDojo enables open communication between teachers, parents, and students and is now used in about 90 percent of school districts in the U.S.

ClassDojo enables students to add pictures and videos to their portfolios so they can share them on any computer, iPad, or Chromebook. The app allows teachers to encourage their students and to get parents involved with their children and the classroom.

With ClassDojo it is easy to translate messages into over 30 different languages. The app also lets parents join with any device and Quiet hours can even be set so as not to disrupt learning time.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and has faced its fair share of competition, but it is now used in 85,000 schools in the United States. It is widely used because it is effective, easy to use, and practical. Its primary purpose is education-centered, and it is not too much unlike Facebook or Snapchat. At the moment it is primarily used for messaging and for keeping the lines of communication open.