Why Are Sapphire Engagement Rings Becoming More Popular?

Diamonds have been a woman’s best friend for a long time. Times are changing and this sixty-year history of the engagement ring just being diamonds is starting to fade. Sapphire engagement rings have been gaining popularity for the last few years now. Some of this popularity has been found because of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton who received a blue sapphire engagement ring from Prince William. This exposure has been great and uplifting to the sapphire industry with photos and extensive news coverage around the world on it.

Sapphires are a great choice for engagement rings. Women love to have their individual styles come out and why not in something you will wear on your finger for the rest of your life. Sapphires give you the capability to customize with different colors. Blue being the most popular followed by pink which is growing quickly. They come in all colors of the rainbow. These options mixed with the band can create unique rings which will pop on your lady’s finger. In addition, you have the choice of natural sapphires or synthetic ones. As is typical, natural typically demands a higher premium and may have inclusions. The higher prices are due to the effort and the mining process to retrieve these rare jewels. The synthetic sapphires are created in a lab and do not include any inclusions. They are essentially the same material but do cost less.

The Natural Sapphire Company is a business with history being open since 1939. They deal specifically with natural untreated sapphires. They carry the sapphire ring through the entire process, starting from purchasing crystals from the mine to attaching it to a ring. They have certified gemologists to analyze every sapphire and guarantee its authenticity. If you were looking to purchase a sapphire, look no further than the Natural Sapphire Company. This tried and true company are specialists in the sapphire industry.