Rebel Wilson’s Cool 39th Birthday Celebrations

Rebel Wilson celebrated her 39th birthday on 2nd March 2019 in style. The Cats star kicked off her day at Milk Bar where she took a cake making class. The award-winning actress baked a celebratory birthday cake for herself before praising @milkbar through an Instagram post describing her experience as a “cake walk.” After time spent baking, she retreated to the comfort of her home with a few friends where they enjoyed four pizzas. What came next was even more fun. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Rebel Wilson had no idea what her friends had in store for her. Together, they finished off the day with a new fun-filled form of exercise, Catzercise. In a series of Instagram posts detailing her day, she gushed about her birthday surprise in Beverley Hills.

She shared two videos of the fun dance move she learned with her friends during a 30-minute rehearsal. In the video, Wilson and her friends are dressed in cat costumes. She stands out with pink furry armbands and cat ears. The start seems to have thoroughly enjoyed her workout saying it is the new way to get a hot summer body. She challenged her fans to try it.

Early Life and Career

Born in 1980, Rebel Wison is an Australian actress, producer and writer. Growing up, the star lived with her parents and three siblings. Her first career choice was in mathematics given she was good with numbers, but as fate was to have it, this did not happen.

Rebel Wilson attended the University of South Wales for her Bachelor of Laws degrees and a BA in Theatre and Performance Studies. She also attended the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP). Rebel started her acting career on the comedic scene playing roles on Pizza and The Wedge.

After winning the ATYP International Scholarship funded by Nicole Kidman, she moved to the USA to start her acting career in America. She landed different roles on Bridesmaids, Rules of Engagement, Workaholics, and Bachelorette, among others. Her big break came in 2012 when she starred in Pitch Perfect which won her several awards including MTV Movie Award for Best Actor in a Movie and Comedy Award at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.

Cats Production

It looks like Rebel Wilson is having a lot of fun on the ongoing Cats film production. She recently took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with the rest of the cast captioning them as a “bunch of cool CATS.” She says the cast is incredible. On working with Taylor Swift who she describes as “delicate”, the Pitch Perfect star says of all the cats, Taylor’s is the sexiest, adding that the singer brings a sultry vibe to her character.

Another member of the cast, Idris Elba, agrees with Wilson saying Taylor is amazing. In February, Taylor Swift surprised the rest of the cast with sweet gifts from her Reputation tour. Her costars, ballet dancer Eric Underwood and actor Redmand Rance, took to Instagram to show what they received from her. Cats will hit theaters on Dec. 20.

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A Sneak Peek on Clayton Hutson’s Professional Career

Clayton Hutson is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in United States’ music and production industry. He runs a reputable company that organizes, supervises, and designs live concerts.

Clay Hutson’s Educational Background

Hutson is a trained theater designer. Before stepping into the entertainment industry, Hutson joined the Central Michigan University where he pursued an undergraduate degree in Theater Design and Technical Production.

Clay Hutson’s Professional Background

After finalizing his undergraduate studies, Hutson became a jack of all trades in the United States music industry. He was involved in setting up concert equipment, marketing music production companies, delivering equipment to concert venues, as well as setting the stage lighting.

Moreover, the theater designer worked as a sound engineer and project manager. After some years of handling these duties, Hutson decided that he was seasoned enough to start and manage his live entertainment production company.

An Overview of Clayton Hutson’s Live Entertainment Production Company

Hutson’s company specializes in organizing concerts, designing concert rooms, setting lights& sound systems, as well as supervising the concert event. These activities are crucial for any successful live event or concert.

Unlike the ordinary live entertainment companies, Hutson’s firm utilizes the state of the art technology and equipment to improve the outcome of his concerts.

The achievements of Clayton Hutson’s live entertainment production company

Hutson’s firm is one of the most reputable concert management companies in the United States. In 2018, Hutson served Kid Rock’s American tour. Mr. Hutson helped the band to complete its tour successfully despite the many obstacles it faced.

In 2017, Hutson managed the Honda Civic Tour which ran for close to three months. The tour took place in various places around North America and Asia. In 2005, the concert management expert managed Garbage’s bleed like me tour that was held in various parts of Europe and North America.

Into the bargain, Hutson has worked with reputable brands and artists like Kelly Clarkson, Alice in Chains, The Backstreet Boys, Rio De Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics, Guns N’ Roses, as wells as The Smashing Pumpkins.

Hutson credits his achievements to his hard work and attention to client’s unique requirements.

Ryan Seacrest Broadcast Journey

Born in 1974, December 24, Ryan Seacrest is a respected producer, television host and a radio host personality whom people have come to love and respect. However, the part of his life that made him more popular is being a judge in a popular show known as American Idols. He has also hosted several other big shows and programs like American top 40 and KIIS FM radio show. The start of his career on radio began when he was 16 years old. He won an internship opportunity at WSTR FM in Atlanta. The internship opportunity saw him get trained by Tom Sullivan.

Other than working on TV, He finally got the opportunity to air his first broadcast when the regular DJ at the radio station fell sick. The opportunity fully cemented his career dreams to be part of the radio world. After his first show, Ryan Seacrest continued working night shifts at WSTR FM even after he graduated from high school. He later went to college and studied Journalism at the University of Georgia. After graduation, Ryan Seacrest continued hosting radio shows at a local radio station until he left for Hollywood to pursue his dreams. After a successful career in the broadcasting industry, Ryan Seacrest launched his production company in 2006.

Ryan Seacrest Production Company produces popular shows among them being Keeping up with the Kardashians and live from the red-carpet award shows. Ryan Seacrest has made several investments in the media and entertainment sector as well. He also loves fashion, and this saw him launch a men’s clothes and fashion accessory in 2014. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is also a philanthropist. He served on the Ryan Seacrest Foundation as its Chairperson. The foundation primary goal is to reach the young people through media and entertainment.

The foundation also opened several broadcasting stations in pediatric hospitals across the cities. Putting up broadcasting stations in pediatric centers helps the children aspire to join the media and entertainment industry at an early age. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is also a Grammy award winner and he serves the honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation.

Adam Milstein, the Outstanding Activist

Different traditions result in various sources of anti-Semitism in the modern world thus leading to racism, bigotry, and hate among other social concerns. Recently, North America started to witness increase alliance between radical leftists and Muslims. It is important to note that radical Muslims execute gays, abhor feminism, stone women, and trample on human rights.

Adam Milstein questions why the radical left tends to ignore the bigoted ideas of radical Islam. Such people turn a blind eye to mistreatment of minorities and women. Such an approach only portrays Islam religion as rigid. As such, it becomes quite challenging to point out the differences between radicals and mainstream Muslims.

According to the radical leftists, Israel seems to target Muslims and seems to oppress them. They also view Jews as an influential group of people who cause problems in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Linda Sarsour is a feminist leader who advocates for Sharia law and praises Saudi Arabia’s approach when it comes to treating women.

Two events that were held in Chicago prove that there is allegiance between radical Islam and other people. For instance, the organizers of an event held at SlutWalk Chicago encouraged people to listen to a speech delivered by Rasmea Odeh. Rasmea is a terrorist who was charged with killing Jewish students. According to Linda, the actions of the terrorist were justified.

The right seems to cooperate with radical Muslims when it comes to matters of spreading hatred towards Jews. On the other hand, radical Islamic individuals collaborate with the right when it is suitable to do so. The Grand Mufti informed Adolf Hitler that Arabs and Germans have common enemies. As a result, Adolf developed hatred towards Jews. Radical Muslims tend to focus on ways of destroying Israel since it’s the original home of Jews.

Adam Milstein who is the son of Eva Milshtein was born in Israel. In 1949, Eva moved to Mexico. Adam Milstein started serving in the Israeli Defence Forces in 1971. After Adam completed serving in the army, he pursued economics and business at the Israel Institute of Technology. In 1981, Adam Milstein and his wife moved to the U.S.

With Alex Pall, The Chainsmokers are Never Slowing Down

For most young people, choosing between passionate and exciting hobbies and meaningful careers is a tough choice especially if the two happen to be in different industries. For Alex Pall, the one half of The Chainsmokers Duo, his hobby as a DJ in the streets of New York City seemed not to be a real career until he noticed some potential in dance music. Using connections within the industry, Alex quit his job and linked up with Andrew Taggart, and they started working on dance music as the Chainsmokers. Andrew too also abandoned his DJ ambitions as he was interested in dance music and when the chance to link up with Alex came up, he did not hesitate to move from Maine.

Writing their songs or collaborating with songwriters in writing their songs have been their goal. As such most of their songs reflect their own lives and the circumstances and situations they go through. Alex Pall says that thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram, they are privileged to make their music touch on international audiences in places such as South Africa and Philippines. Tough their main demographic target is the 16-25, their music transcends all ages with both children and adults uploading social media statuses singing their songs and enjoying it.

They are concerned with how much emotional connection their songs makes people feel regardless of age, color or religion. As their growth continues up from campus audience, they seek to improve on their performances to cater for the diverse audiences. Alex Pall says that to make their shows elaborate, they have invested in changing their live shows and visuals as the audience demands. They have to keep reinventing themselves evidenced by Andrew Taggart singing for the first time in the just-released song “closer”.

They are putting on a festival following the sold-out Red Rock festival, have plans for a big fall tour, as well as mixing videos from their DJ show. To keep on improving the Chainsmokers have a visual expert charged with developing new visual contents to avoid complacency. They want to push the boundaries further and give their fans new experiences.

Clayton Hutson – Sound and Stage Production Genius

Clayton Hutson has the amazing capability of juggling many roles at on time. That is because his work demands it. Clayton Hutson is a successful tour manager with competence in sound engineering, stage designing and management and overall tour organization. Mr. Hutson and his team Learn more:



Clayton Hutson’s talents were called into play recently as he took on the tour management for Aaron Lewis. Aaron Lewis is the main man of the band Staind. Clayton Hutson uses the best sound devices for his shows, and this tour was no exception. He called into play the SD 11 console by DiGiCo to maximize sound quality in this tour. Since Clayton Hutson had to perform multiple tasks such as sound engineering as well as the front of house duties, he needed an audio system that would offer excellent sound. Another requirement was one related to the size of the console. Since the tour demanded frequent flights, a console which was compact and easily fit the dimensions of luggage allowed at airports, was necessary. Once again, the SD11 portal with its 19-inch dimension made a convenient choice, with no loss of sound either.



Clayton Hutson has managed top production for other big names in the business as well. He managed the automation for OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour. The tour required complex set changes. This was because the sponsor needed a large LED screen for promotions in between the OneRepublic band performance. Clayton Hutson demonstrated his exceptional skills in orchestrating a show without hitches. His job was made easier with the Kinesys 1+ console. This system allowed him to smoothly transition the stage settings to meet the requirements of both the sponsors and the band. Clayton Hutson has wide experience with different consoles and rigging equipment. He ensures that he delivers his optimum efforts for every group or performer he works with.



Clayton Hutson’s skills were brought into the spotlight during the Maxwell and Jill Roach. For this show, he relied on the SD7 console. This console offered excellent sound dynamics with clear, reproducible effects. Clayton Hutson’s work profile suits almost every type of live show. He can effortlessly manage a live performance, which requires massive integration of sound and stage effects, as well as flawless transitions from one setting to another.



Clayton Hutson and his team represent the most reliable tour management services available at cost-effective rates. They stand out from the rest with their commitment to the rendition of quality stage production.