How Avi Weisfogel has Improved the Treatment of Sleep Conditions

According to research, a person’s body needs to have enough sleep for it to work efficiently. A healthy individual is required to sleep for approximately nine hours a day so that the body can revitalize well. Sleeping for less than nine hours is unhealthy for any person since it leads to facial problems such as the dark circles under one’s eyes, a drooping mouth, sagging eyelids, and swollen eyes. An individual is also likely to suffer from hair loss since sleep allows follicles to get sufficient nourishment.

Avi Weisfogel is among the leading sleep professionals in New Jersey and the rest of the country. He has conducted a lot of research about sleep conditions for the past two decades and is an expert in sleep apnea. The disorder is harmful to an individual’s health since it causes lack of sufficient sleep. Weisfogel is an entrepreneur, and he established Healthy Heart Sleep to educate different physicians on how to cure sleep conditions. He later decided to form Owner Unlimited Sleep and has been using the organization to educate medical professionals on how they should handle sleep patients. The firm currently works with dentists.

Weisfogel has been striving to the link the treatment of sleep defects with dentistry at Dental Sleep Masters, which is a firm that he founded. It has developed a couple of therapies where oral appliances are utilized to enable patients to have enough sleep. The medical professional invented a device that can be customized to help in opening the airway of an individual by supporting his or her jaws. This makes it possible for one to sleep without difficulties.

Apart from the tremendous contributions that Avi has made to the sleep world, he a well-respected dentist. He has spent the past two decades practicing at Old Bridge Dental Care, which serves as his office. Weisfogel studied dentistry at the prestigious New York University and is also a holder of a biology and phycology degree. The people of Old Bridge have considered him as the region’s best dentist for many years. Avi’s outstanding entrepreneurship expertise has enabled his businesses to grow. He has led the Dental Sleep Masters in developing excellent therapies for sleep apnea.

Eric Pulier Has The World At His Finger Tips

Eric Pulier, one of the top serial entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, must be respected. He was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. As a fourth grader he had an interest in computer programming, and as a teenager, he founded a database company. In 1984 he attended Harvard University, majoring in English and American Literature while taking classes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated magna cum laude in 1988.


Pulier has spent his life as a technologist, published author, public speaker, and philanthropist. He has founded over fifteen companies including such companies as MediaPlatform, US Interactive, Desktone and SOA Software. He has sold his latest company for $350 million and raised millions of dollars to fund charitable organizations.


Eric Pulier is Co-founder of ServiceMesh, Inc. and serves as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Pulier served as Vice President and General Manager of Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation and CSC Australia Pty. Ltd. He served as Secretary of Santa Monica Media Corporation. Pulier served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SOA Software, Inc. and its Chief Technology Officer. Pulier also serves on the board of directors of the Painted Turtle


One of his startups is X-Prize which has competitions and prizes. The point of this startup was to encourage teens and adults to offer innovative solutions to solve the most severe problems for humanity.


Pulier is committed to developing programs to help children struck by disease and who are disabled, called Starbright World. Starbright World is a platform for children with serious illnesses who can connect with each other and share their experiences through social media. People Doing Things, a Pulier creation, addresses the health care, education of children through the use of technology.


Eric Pulier’s work was recognized by President Clinton and Vice President Gore who honored Pulier’s work by unveiling the Starbright Foundation. Pulier created the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C.which was called “The Bridge to the 21st Century“.


Pulier’s commitment to children is unmatched. One of his philanthropy efforts is known as the Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronic illnesses.


Why Patty Rocklage and the Husband, Scott Received an Honorary Plaque at MIT

Patty Rocklage has probably saved the marriages of countless couples while practicing as a licensed family and marriage therapist. Patty is a highly sought-out-after relationship therapist who offers a wide range of beneficial services to her clients in her town, Sudbury, MA. In the natural discourse of a marriage, problems, like stress and depression, child-parent issues and individual emotional and psychological issues, are bound to arise. It’s prudent to address the root source of these complications family and marriage systems before they quickly spiral out of control. Dr. Rocklage is well-versed on how to counsel distressed couples with the hopes of breathing new life into their lives.

Life-Saving Services Offered

Client’s who’ve been fortunate to work with Mrs. Rocklage all attest to the same things: First, the customers described her personality as being warm and friendly. She’s a therapist who takes the time to listen to what the couples in her sessions have to say. Her solutions and ideas are termed as, ‘brilliant and effective’ by everyone who’s frequented her clinic. Additionally, her services are reasonably priced especially, putting into consideration Patty’s experience and abilities.

Community Outreach Projects

When Patty Rocklage isn’t at her offices dispensing invaluable advice and wisdom to troubled families and lovers, she’s often busy handling all the charities and noble philanthropic causes she and the husband, Scott Rocklage are passionate about. Patty has given many inspirational talks and speeches to university students and to regular members of the surrounding communities. In recent times, the couple has gifted the Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT) vital funds to improve their Nanochemistry laboratories. MIT happens to hold a special soft spot to Scott and Patty because that’s where Scott attended his schooling many years back.

Honorary Plaque at MIT

The couple’s grant and donation to MIT got commemorated in a special event held at the universities grounds. That auspicious ceremony culminated in the Rocklage’s receiving a plaque to their honor was well-attended by members of staff and faculty.

About Patty Rocklage

Patty’s a licensed licensed to practice in the State of Massachusetts. The celebrated professional therapist received her training at the University of South Carolina. In 1981, she graduated with top honors and went straight into private practice where she’s remained for the past 20-something years.

The Affluent Life of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a 47-year-old United States entrepreneur who truly struggled in his life journey until he became one of the most successful businessmen in the market. Lefkofsky grew up in Southfield, Michigan. Later on, in late 1987, Lefkofsky joined the University of Michigan and progressed with honours in 1991. He moved on to University of Michigan Law School until he received his Juris Doctor in 1993.

Eric Lefkofsky then established a stream of successful projects but the cream of it all is Tempus. This is a health technology company that enables physicians to provide personalized cancer care through its cooperative analytical and machine learning podium. Tempus provides genomic sequencing amenities and analyzes molecular and therapeutic statistics to empower physicians to come up with real-time, data-driven decisions.

Their goal is for each patient to benefit from the treatment of others who came before by providing physicians with tools that learn as they gather more data. Eric Lefkofsky has a high reputation in businesses that solve a world problem.

Eric Lefkofsky is an innovative entrepreneur and has started several businesses like;

  • He is the proud co-founder and CEO of Tempus.
  • He is the brains behind the formation of Lightbank. This is a venture fund investing in disruptive technology businesses.
  • He is the co-founder and leader of Groupon. This is a global e-commerce marketplace.
  • He is the innovator behind Uptake Technologies. This is a leading projected analytics platform for the global largest industries like Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings. InnerWorkings is a global supplier of managed promotional and print solutions.
  • He leads the Lefkofsky Foundation with his beloved wife Liz to advance high-impact enterprises that enhance survival in the communities served.
  • Lefkofsky serves as a Trustee and advisor of Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.
  • He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company.
  • Lefkofsky is a professor at the University of Chicago and author of the book Accelerated Disruption.

Eric Lefkofsky a true man who inspired a lot of people for his beneficial projects and aiming to solve a world problem, a successful man who gained a lot of generosity. Those who grew up with Eric Lefkofsky describe him as a person who had the push to solve problems. He treated his peers with utmost respect and ensured that they viewed him as a morally upright human being.

5 Keys to Success by Josh Verne

Everyone wants to be successful. Success is generally equated to happiness and comfort and who wouldn’t want a life like that? Success will always be the light at the end of the tunnel for most of us. It is what keeps us going in our daily life but sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming. Doubts and failures sometimes keep us down preventing us to reach that sweet pinnacle of success. We all need a little push every now and then and listening to Josh Verne will surely get you up.

Josh Verne is the CEO of the, a site for college students that has been a continually huge success in the virtual world ever since it was launched last year. Verne’s site mainly focuses on marketing and connects college students with brands online and on-campus. The site basically contains news, opinions and information all created by college students. Simply, we could say that it is a genius mix of maximizing technology and marketing.


The quick success of this site, of course, would be credited to its creator, Josh Verne and his life visions. Verne is an excellent businessman and entrepreneur that have had enough experience and inspirations in life to make the most out of his resources and gear it full speed towards his goals. Here are his five tips to get out of your own way and succeed in life and business:


First, Verne said that you must know the difference between a leader and a boss. Both are in management positions but there is a difference: that is, a leader listens and the boss does not. To be successful, you must be a leader and respect everyone’s opinion such that they also respect and follow you. To Verne, this is one of the basic components of success in business and life in general; to pay respect such that they also give you back respect.


Secondly, you must always strive for Win-Win Situations. Everyone in your party should benefit from the ordeal which means that it should be a win for you, a win for those working under you, and lastly a win for everyone that is in the community. Stepping down on other people just to achieve what you want will do you no good and just come back right at you like a karma boomerang and reflect badly on you and your business’ reputation.


Third, you must speak less, and listen more. Verne encourages people to be good listeners. To be successful in business, you have to listen to what others have to say. It will propel you to a good direction knowing more of what others think. Also, Verne state that being more of a listener makes people listen to you more when you actually speak.


Fourth, you should have a balanced life. Success in life requires balance and by balance Verne means that you should make improvements in all aspects of your life whether it is on your health, relationships, wealth, and more. It’s not about the measure of time you allot in each aspect but rather making sure that you constantly grow little by little in each. He stated that if one area suffers, it jeopardizes another aspect therefore hindering your success so we must always make sure that every part is as important as the other.


Lastly, Verne believes that you should know what you are passionate about. Find out what keeps your gears going and keep on doing just that. Do something out of passion and you will never get tired doing it. It will be easy and fun if you are passionate of the things you do. You might get tired and stressed about it but hey, at least you enjoy doing it!


In summary, being successful in whatever it is that you do entirely is up to you. Be good in whatever your intentions are and surely it will come back to you good too.

Haidar Barbouti, Real Estate Mogul

Haidar Barbouti is an American original. The Houston-based real estate mogul has reshaped the retail and commercial face of cities across this country.

Barbouti, educated at Columbia University, purchased historic Highland Village shopping center in 1990. Since that time, the shopping center has become one of the most iconic, high-end retail centers in Houston, with over 150 million dollars’ worth of property. Barbouti is personally responsible for overseeing all management aspects of Highland Village.

The Highland Village shopping center became a retail location of firsts: the first Starbucks in Houston opened there in 1994; Quality Life Fitness is the first environmentally friendly fitness center in town; and the Apple Store opened in 2012 on the same date that the newest iPad was released.

Of special note is a pet adoption center, opened in Highland Village in 2008,which really speaks to the heart and character of Barbouti. Haidar donated the space, and even covered the costs of utilities for the facility.

The brainchild of Mr. Barbouti is Up Restaurant. Located on the third level of Highland Village, overlooking the Galleria area, Up is one of the finest restaurants in Houston, and caters to the upper crust of society. When he decided a restaurant was the perfect tenant for the prime retail space, he looked for a dining experience he could enjoy. When Haidar couldn’t find a tenant he wanted, he opened the restaurant himself.

Although Barbouti had absolutely no restaurant experience, he knew what he wanted. Up serves “real” food, with generous portions and fabulous flavors. He selects each dish and eats at Up Restaurant daily. The white-cloth restaurant is always full, and the clientele is loyal.

Haidur Barbouti is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur, with over 20 years’ experience in real estate and marketing. His leadership has led to a successful empire that stretches from Texas to New York, and he improves every project he touches. Well done, Mr. Barbouti.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks, a successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur, has been said to have found a balance between creative collaborations that maximizing productivity. With over 35 years of experience in various industries, Marc has launched Timber Creek Capital, LP, a venture through which he hopes to give start-ups a resource to minimize struggle, while optimizing productivity and new ideas. He continues to serve as a mentor for different companies while offering them valuable resources to survive in today’s volatile and nuanced market.

Outside of his entrepreneurial interests he enjoys working with charities. His philanthropic works include projects with Habitat for Humanity providing housing for low income and disadvantaged families. Through his non-profit, Sparkey’s Kids, he has donated one thousand laptop computers to at-risk children with American Can! Academy. For over 20 years, Sparks has been involved in the Samaritan Inn, a shelter for the homeless located in Texas. On his website, he enjoys doling out some very practical business savvy advice on day to day business protocol, mixed with a little personal humor of course.

Spark’s private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP gives start-ups the opportunity to create and monetize their revenue-generating products through customized planning and resource allocations. Located in Dallas, Texas office, Timber Creek Capital puts forth the investment needed for these projects. This is a lengthy list which includes office space, accounting, graphic arts, equipment, merchant banking, legal, web development, intellectual capital, banking, networking, support staff and other resources needed to successfully navigate today’s business climate.

When speaking on his personal vision behind Timber Creek Capital LP he is very clearly motivated by his own past experiences as a struggling entrepreneur.

“My passion is to help entrepreneurs build their dream and companies to critical mass through my experience. Faith, passion, tenacity, focus, savvy of monetization, and an outrageous sense of urgency or as my team calls it ‘spark speed’ are qualities that have helped me succeed and that I like to mentor,” Sparks said. “I have seen every level of entrepreneurial success and failure and this is why Timber Creek Capital, LP is so qualified to help take on entrepreneurs’ ideas and turn them into prosperous business models.”

He outlines these past experiences in a recently released book called They Can’t Eat You. Marc speaks about his journeys in entrepreneurship and its many crests and troughs. The reality outlined seems to indicate Sparks has seen enough to know that these indicate one part of the whole process.

Be sure to follow Marc on Twitter for all updated news.