Milan Kordestani: Proliferating Success off Envisioned Societal Purpose

It was while being a sophomore in high school that Milan Kordestani sought to act upon his belief that he could make a difference in both the availability and quality of food choice to the American consumer. In contrast to that of other companies who either lack honesty in their provision of food ingredients or who fail to provide consumers with all natural alternatives, Milan Kordestani wanted to create a company that not only provided organic products, but one that also stood transparent in its operations in order to gain consumer brand trust.

Therefore, upon founding Milan Farms in 2015, Kordestani was able to do just that. Milan Farms was created with the intent to provide quality products to the consumer via its incorporation of a humane/organic system. As of today, Milan Farms has excelled to the status of being a trademarked company and has expanded to include distributional farms throughout the west coast.

However, in addition to maintaining responsibilities as CEO of his own company, Kordestani remains diligent by overextending himself in various personal commitments. These commitments include studying academic courses as an undergraduate student, writing about agriculture, politics, and mental health as an author for Huffington Post, and being thoroughly invested within the sport of horseback riding. Yet, of these additional endeavors, Kordestani is highly recognized for his extraordinary achievements as a skilled equestrian.

Kordestani’s interest in horseback riding began around the age of 10 when upon taking lessons, he became intrigued by the quest to master the complexities of its skill Nonetheless, with a strong determination to be the best, Milan Kordestani rapidly progressed to a level of exceptional expertise that enabled him to compete and place high rank in global competitions. Moreover, it can be agreed that Kordestani’s success as an equestrian and CEO was acquired as the result of being faced with the adversity of horseback riding as a child that taught him to manage his fears and shoot for any goal that he desired. Indeed, Kordestani’s numerous accomplishments can be perceived as being a message to the younger generation that life is what you make it.