Veteran Accounting Expert Dabie Tsai Predicts the Future of Accounting

Just like all other sectors in the world, the world of accounting has been affected by new and innovative technology. This technology is meant to make the industry more efficient and easier to work in, but it leads to significant changes in the way businesses are run. It is therefore important for players within this industry to tailor their skills in accordance with the impact of technology.

Tsai is an expert in the field of accounting and auditing. For 23 years, she worked as a partner with KPMG, one of the leading audit and advisory services companies in the world. During her tenure with this company, Dabie Tsai specialized in SEC filings in US GAAP and IFRS, financial reporting, corporate governance, and consolidations. Tsai has vast experience in matters related to international accounting, since she has worked in four different countries on three different continents.

Throughout her career at KPMG, she served large financial institutions and multinational companies in the world. She also played a significant role in mentoring young talent in the company. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese. Tsai believes that the influence of technology in the field of accounting started when modern computing devices were invented. Today, almost every accounting task has to be processed through a computer, and therefore, everyone working in the industry today must possess at least moderate computer proficiency skills.

The internet is another technology that has left a great mark in the accounting field, according to Dabie Tsai. Today, accounting operations are globalized due to the availability of the internet. It is common for organizations and departments in this sector to share information through emails and other messaging applications supported by internet connectivity. Tsai believes that the role of the internet in communication has been significantly impacted.

Dabie Tsai believes that going into the future, the invention of machine learning and artificial intelligence will have more impact on the industry. However, she is keen to advise players in this industry to arm themselves with superior skills and expertise that will ensure that machines do not replace them.

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