Humans Killing Off Animals

People are now being blamed for what scientists are calling the sixth mass extinction. There are species dying out each year, and Sam Tabar suggests that it’s because humans like to hunt those animals for the meat or simply for the pure joy of killing off an animal that might not be seen in the near future.

There are about a dozen species that might not be on the Earth after 2015. People are supposed to protect their home. They wouldn’t want someone coming inside their house to take away their children or other family members, so it makes no sense that people would go to the habitat of animals and kill off the creatures that have no defense against a weapon.

If there are no more animals to look at in zoos or while on a safari or even in pictures, then the humans of the planet are the only ones to blame. It is rather sad that there is even a discussion about an extinction at a time when technology is better than ever and when there are steps that can be put in place to prevent it from happening.