The Nuanced Expansion of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is one of the hottest cosmetic lines in the business, and it has been for quite sometime. Since its birth in 2008, this brand/company has consistently climbed the ranks, and it has built a loyal cult-following. The company’s social media accounts are always blazing with activity, but this activity is building a buzz in the Chinese marketplace. If you haven’t heard by now, Lime Crime has launched in China. Thanks to its huge success in America, the company has decided to extend its borders to the international market. This wasn’t the most easy transition by far thanks to China’s stipulations on the wholesale business trade.

Kim Walls, Global Food Manager, spoke about the myriad of challenges that are involved in international trade. For cosmetics that are imported into China, these products are mandated to be tested on animals. This authoritative-action squarely goes against Lime Crime’s policy of being animal-tested free. To add a bit of insult to injury, the total amount of taxes, fees and other regulations would be skyrocketed if the company directly shipped its products to China. There had to be a better way and Lime Crime most definitely found one. Revolve was the solution, and this online, e-commerce platform was the best route to take. Revolve also shared many of the same perspectives and values as Lime Crime. Since the Chinese market has counterfeited Lime Crime’s products, this e-commerce hub will be a legitimate source for purchasing authentic products.

Before the company’s actual opening, it has built a nice sized seed-audience. This strategic-marketing was used to effectively announce the brand’s entrance into this new market. Its official website and social media accounts steered consumers straight to Revolve’s platform. The future is looking mighty bright thanks to this expansion and LimeCrime will continue to push the boundaries with its flamboyant cosmetics.