The Academy Of Art University Is Readying Their Students For The Future

There are a lot of people who are seeking schooling for things like art and it can be difficult for them to find a school that offers everything that they need. The Academy of Art University is one art school that goes above and beyond for their students. They truly want to make sure that their students are not only ready to get out into the working world, but that they are also ready to face anything that their lives may throw at them.

Throughout the years the Academy of Art University has really grown. They have gained more students and they have brought on a lot more different courses to help ready their students for anything they could dream of doing in their careers. The students that attend this school say that they are more than ready to get into the working world when they graduate and jump into the next step in their life.

Since there are not many art schools out there the Academy of Art University tries their best to make sure that everything that they offer beats the expectations of anyone who dreams of attending their school. They even try to help their students have jobs lined up and ready for them upon graduating.

The Academy of Art University has a very bright future ahead of them. They are going to continue to work hard for their students and they hope that students will continue rolling in to receive their educations at this school. They know that by offering students great educations they are changing lives and they are excited to see how many lives they can change. The Academy of Art University prides themselves in making sure that their students are ready for live and they are going to continue to keep doing this for a long time into the future.

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The story of Doe Deere

Doe Deere, also known as Xenia Vorotova is a Immigrant from Russia who became a successful American Entrepreneur by creating a cruelty free makeup brand by the name of Lime Crime. Lime crime has a variety of colors, styles and even a hair dye that has every color in the rainbow. You can even mix the colors together to make your own wacky colors! But Xenia didn’t always have so much success and wealth, plus she had a pretty rough upbringing. When Xenia, her mother, and little sister first moved to New York, her mother couldn’t find a job despite being an experienced accountant because her work history papers were taking too long to transfer. In order to make ends meet Xenia’s mother started cleaning people’s houses while Xenia started a animal walking business and would babysit. Despite their efforts and hard work, they still couldn’t pay rent so they had no choice but to check into a homeless shelter. It was pretty rough for them, they had to stay in a skin-tight room with no kitchen. Every Thursday morning the woman stood in line at a local church in order to get free food. They were angry, depressed and uncertain about their futures but they did everything they could to remain hopeful. Xenia always wanted to be a fashion designer, so to pass the time and keep her spirits up she’d draw sketches in her notebooks. One day Xenia and her family met the leader of a company called Sanctuary for Families. The leaders name was was Dorchen Leidholdt, she was a lawyer, s feminist and she saw the potential in Xenia and decided that she’d give them a helping hand. She helped Xenia get into the Fashion Institute of Technology and managed to get her mother an accounting job. Dorchen Leidholdt also helped Xenia’s younger sister get a full ride scholarship at Columbia University, where she was able to get straight A’s. The family eventually transferred to East Harlem and settled into an apartment. Unfortunately East Harlem was a gang territory at the time, so the girls weren’t exactly safe.

How Fabletics Became a Billion-Dollar Fashion Brand by Using Crowd Power

According to the Huffington Post, Fabletics has made incredible gains by tapping into the immense power of the crowds. By capitalizing on the shift in consumer habits, Fabletics transformed into a behemoth eCommerce giant with a market value of a billion dollars. The online fashion brand started its journey to the top in 2013. Since then, the innovative company has witnessed in excess of 200% growth rise and it now reports annual revenues of over $235 million. The brand is owned by the dynamic duo of Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler.


Consumer Surveys


A top executive at TechStyle Fashion Group, Mr. Shawn Gold told the Huffington Post that the company’s success was brought about by user reviews. Fabletics knows that the modern online shopper is more inclined to order and buy goods that have a ton of overwhelmingly positive reviews and ratings as opposed to a product that’s yet to be reviewed. Additionally, consumers tend to recommend and refer products with many positive reviews to their friends and families.


Genuine Reviews


Peter Holten Muhlmann is the CEO and Founder of Trustpilot and his golden advice to smart brands is that they should leverage the power and feedback from their customers. Peter reckons that most online consumers don’t trust a majority of the retailers out there today. A consumer research survey conducted by BrightLocal shows that 84% of people make their shopping decisions after consulting with close acquaintances and after reading the online reviews on that particular item.


Another study by the L2 Research firm showed that the number of eCommerce stores and retail websites allowing reviews shot upward by 70% in the past couple of years alone. Customers rely on the shared reviews to get vital info about the particular products before paying. But, then again, not all reviews can drive up the customer retention rate. No, the testimonials have to be 100% genuine and from verified buyers.


Amazing Kate Hudson


Talking to the press during the induction of pop star, Demi Lovato into the Fabletics fraternity, Kate was ecstatic about the great strides her brand had made so far. Kate’s dream is to empower women with elegant, stylish albeit affordable clothes that leave them exuding with confidence.


Lifestyle Quiz


To read more about the uphill struggle that defined Fabletics journey to the top of the fashion retail niche, here’s a link to an insightful piece shared by Forbes. Before we part ways, we would like to welcome you to try the simple lifestyle quiz developed by Kate’s team. Judging from your responses in the quiz, the staff at Fabletics are able to discern your fashion tastes and preferences and make recommendations if you become a member.


Check out their official online retail store and select the membership package that you feel most comfortable with. Membership sets you up for numerous excellent services that include, getting real-time updates every time Fabletics updates their inventory. Don’t be shy to request the massive price-cuts and other discounts that are always on offer to loyal patrons.

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How Kate Hudson Is Building A New Type of Activewear Clothing Brand

Fabletics is a highly successful women’s activewear clothing brand which has been able to compete effectively with clothing retail giants such as Amazon. The brand, which was conceived of and founded by actress Kate Hudson, offers fashionable activewear which is designed in-house in order to be high quality while still affordable, especially compared to their established competitor’s high prices.

Fabletics was launched as an online retail site. They have now started opening retail stores across the United States. Most conventional retailers are afraid of what is known as showrooming which is when a customer browses in the store that then leaves and actually buys it online for a less expensive price. As Fabletics started as an online brand first and then started opening physical stores, they make use of what they call reverse showrooming. When someone comes into one of their stores, Fabletics doesn’t care if people want to try on clothing in the store and then buys it from their online site as it doesn’t make any difference to them.

Fabletics makes use of a membership system where women pay a monthly fee and then get a monthly shipment of clothing. Members can opt out and save a month’s fees by logging into the website in the first five days of any month. When someone makes their first purchase they are encouraged to fill out a Lifestyle Quiz. Filling this quiz out makes the website a lot more convenient for women as the quiz determines what specific types of fashion they like. Armed with this information, Fabletics is able to show them clothing they like whenever they visit as well as make sure their monthly clothing box is going to have items in it that they will find appealing.

Kate Hudson has devised a number of rules for Fabletics to follow. She wants women of all shapes and sizes to feel welcome at Fabletics and therefore her stores carry every size of clothing. Her clothes are meant to be worn not only when exercising but also casually when women are going about their day. This ties into her first rule for the brand which is to identify marketing opportunities. Too many fashionable clothing brands are only marketed towards very thin women, something Kate wants to change. Another rule she has it to inspire her staff and customers as well as keeping a hands-on approach to running her company and continuing to meet her member’s needs.