Investment Banking Firm Confidentiality Challanges

Laidlaw and company.

Laidlaw and company is an authorized investments banking firm in the United Kingdom and also in the United states which offers investments to high profile business individual, private organizations as well as public institution. They have a wide range of the services which includes acquisition financing, placements as well as advisory services regarding finance and brokerage. It has a great track of successful consultancy investments services mostly to high net worthy business and in financing.

Its headed by Matthew Eitner as the chief executive officer who has got a wide range of experience in the equity trading and consultancy and James Ahern the managing partner as well as the head of capital market.

Despite having the a high profile in the service delivery to high net worthy business individuals and institution, it has also received the complaints which are as follows

Relmada Therapeutics Inc. filed a lawsuit claiming that the Laidlaw disclosed information contrary to the agreement, which was confidential and breaching fiduciary duty. Relmada is seeking compensation of damaging its reputation as well as the cost incurred while responding to the materials that Remada claims were falser and misleading.

Relmada states that the Laidlaw and company not forgetting to mention the two principals that they indeed not only caused them a great harm but also violated united state law and deeming the unfit to comply with the securities and exchange commission.

In conclusion, I hereby do state that despite the outstanding services the Laidlaw and company offers, it has lost it trust due to breaching of the client confidential information putting it at risk that any other client might not trust fully. They need to do a lot of upgrade of services to rebuild its name and win the confidence of the clients. Despite having the best quality of the product, without the trust it is impossible to go far.