Mergers, Acquisitions, and a New York Boss

Lincolnshire Management the New York-based private equity firm recently announced (October 15) it would be investing in Powerhouse and two other companies in an attempt to create a prominent national platform company. VSS a firm with a vested interest in high-demand tech-enabled business has also announced its minority investment in Powerhouse.

TJ Maloney, the President and CEO of Lincolnshire Management expressed excitement about acquiring Powerhouse and about working with VSS. The feeling was obviously mutual as Patrick Turner, the managing director of VSS also expressed excitement about the partnership. Both parties look forward to drive growth and claim a bigger stake of the multi-million dollar market.

Lincolnshire Management has made over 85 acquisitions in various industries since its inception in 1986. The company is a leader in investing in middle-market companies and TJ Maloney has been a driving force for its growth for over 25 years. He has guided the company initiative for acquisitions and mergers since joining the company in 1993.

Currently, Lincolnshire Management controls over $1.7 billion in private equity funds and its most recent equity fund is valued at $835 million. The company’s Fund II and III are in the top quartile of private equity funds.

Powerhouse, one of Lincolnshire Managements’ recent acquisitions is a provider of national construction services, facility maintenance, and rollouts. The company is located in Crowley, Texas, but provides services to a wide range of businesses nationwide.

SVW, the other acquisition, and its lucrative add-on, One Source Security & Sound is a leading company involved in full-service installations of ATMs and self-service kiosks; it services financial institutions nationwide.

The merger of the companies will provide refresh, remodel, and facilities maintenance. They intend to serve a wide range of industries including healthcare facilities, convenience stores, national chains of banks, large residential rental apartment units and retail.

The merger will reportedly have more than 650 employees and more than 13000 subcontractors nationwide to cater to the needs of their growing customer base. TJ Maloney is optimistic about his company’s growth in 2020.

TJ Maloney graduated from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in 1975 and from Fordham Law School with a Juris Doctor degree in 1979.

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The Oxford Club Provides Unmatched Advantage for its Members

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The Oxford Club members provide opportunities to network at their 4-story clubhouse in New Vernon, Baltimore that provides luxury accommodations and availability for its members to socialize and data share in a world-class luxury location. The Oxford Club has various levels of membership and caters to investors that are just getting started in the investment arena or experience gurus that are seasoned investors with large diverse portfolios. The Oxford Club provides the resources necessary to enable member investors to information gathered from its global membership. The information gathered is not readily available to the general public. The members of The Oxford Club span throughout the globe and each individual member has a perspective and understanding of specific investment categories that can be shared with the collective to give insight and direction into the potential opportunities to capitalize on investment classes that will produce high returns on investment with low-risk potential. By leveraging the expertise and knowledge of its members, The Oxford Club has created a blueprint for leveraging human capital and expertise in a way that few publications have found the ability to duplicate.


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Glen Wakeman Draws On His Experience To Guide Budding Entrepreneurs

Aspiring entrepreneurs have a lot to learn from a guy like Glen Wakeman. As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of LaunchPad Holdings, he has built a software platform that serves startups and early-stage entrepreneurs to take their company from the idea stage to getting it off of the ground ( Wakeman started out by going to college at the University of Scranton where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Finance and Economics. He then attended the University of Chicago and earned his MBA while there.

Glen Wakeman now has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and is a Small Business Owner, CEO of a successful Public Company, a member of various boards, and a financial services executive who has found plenty of success. He has found that he has a real talent for not only building businesses but for improving existing businesses and teaching them how to be agile and lean so they can succeed in today’s competitive world. Glen is known for using his “5 Key Dimensions of Performance” rule and this includes finding strong leadership for a company, appreciating and taking advantage of human capital, executing, paying attention to risk management by decreasing disruptions, and governance.

Glen Wakeman is also the President and founder of Nova Four, which is a business accelerator that offers its clients advice for business strategy as well as the funding needed to get started. He also coaches CEO’s and those who are members of various boards and works with budding entrepreneurs through his company, LaunchPad Holdings. The software platform he developed for LaunchPad teaches these entrepreneurs and other business hopefuls how to navigate the muddy waters of reaching real success.

Glen Wakeman spent more than 20 years of his early career with GE Capital working in leadership roles including general management and operations management. Before he left the company, he served as CEO of GE Money Latin America. While there, he helped to put together a multi-billion dollar operation with 17,000 employees. He also helped to create a spread of new products, more than 1,000 branches, and entered the company into many different profitable partnerships. He also previously served GE as a General Director of GE Capital and worked in London, UK as the Director of Business Development.