Super Lawyer Dan Newlin has Innovative Concept for His Hashtag

Dan Newlin is a Super Lawyer in Central Florida who also has offices in South Florida and the Greater Chicago area. He is an aggressive and cutting-edge personal injury attorney who ambitiously strives for justice for his clients. He is committed to public service, so his practice continues to expand.

Yesterday, the PRNewswire reported that Attorney Newlin is leading the trend of using hashtags for communication. Mr. Newlin is an innovative thinker, so for the past 18-months he has been conducting beta testing with T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint to test one-of-a-kind technology to improve communication with his clients. He is going to use his hashtag, #Dan, as a phone number, which is truly cutting edge and as he uses the hashtag phone number, he believes it will become commonplace in businesses in the near future.

The hashtag has been used as a label on social platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, but Newlin has taken it one step farther with his introduction of using #Dan as an abbreviated dialing code. This state-of-the-art glimpse into the future has greatly improved his business brand because his clients who could not remember his 10-digit phone number will easily remember #Dan. This is a tremendous advancement.

The average person typically memorizes only about seven items at one time, and then can only retain them for only 10-15 seconds according to an article in The Learning Coach. If you saw a commercial for Dan Newlin, which said that he could be reached at #Dan, this would stick in your mind. Dan Newlin is the trendsetter for the business world as he goes forward with the hashtag phone number.