Candid Talk With OSI Group President David McDonald:

OSI Group President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald recently talked candidly about his career with CEOCFO Magazine. David talks about how he joined OSI Group over thirty years ago and the company had a huge hunger for growth. That appetite still remains today according to David. He asserts that growth, along with customer service is the cornerstone of the OSI Group philosophy. The family culture at OSI demands that customers and employees be treated as family. David is of the opinion that OSI’s customers and partners, along with the company’s great people is what has allowed the company to grow from a regional food wholesaler to a global leader in creative, custom food solutions. David is asked about how he sets and encourages the company’s culture with such a large operation that stretches across the globe. David says it comes down to the great partnerships that OSI Group has. The company’s partners know the business in their respective regions of the world. OSI also encourages entrepreneurial spirit by using their customers as inspiration. David states that the company is at its best when being pushed by a challenge a customer presents. Exceeding customer expectations is always the goal of every OSI Group transaction with its customers. David McDonald is also a huge proponent that you can’t deny change. Change is inevitable and the most successful companies are the ones that can quikly adapt to changing market. Being able to quickly adapt always puts a company in the lead in its industry. David maintains his entrepreneurial passion after thirty plus years with OSI due to the fact that every day presents new challanges. The company’s core values always stay the same, but each day is a new set of problems to solve and new individuals to interact with.

About OSI Group:

OSI Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kowlschowsky under the name Otto & Sons. More than a century later the organization is one of the largest food wholesale and food solutions operations in the world. OSI Group has facilities in 17 countries worldwide. Major clients to the firm include McDonald’s, KFC, Subway and Papa John’s.

About David McDonald:

David McDonald is President, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board of Directors with OSI Group. He has been with the compnay since 1987 after he completed his animal science degree at Iowa State University in Ames Iowa.

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OSI Industries Continues Making Big Moves In Europe With Acquisition Of Flagship Europe:

OSI Industries, a world leader in food processing and custom food solutions to the food service and retail industry, recently acquired the United Kingdom based speciality food company Flagship Europe. Flagship specializes in foods ranging from pies, frozen poultry and condiments. As Flagship joins the extensive OSI Industries family of companies, it will also rebrand. As part of a new marketing being put behind the company, it will now operate under the name Creative Foods Europe.

The acquisition and rebranding of Flagship Europe as Creative Foods Europe is a part of a larger expansion plan that OSI Industries has been undertaking in Europe over recent years. It is all a part of the company’s continued expansion plans. Recent years have seen a large increase OSI’s European footprint. The Flagship acquisition came in 2016. Two years earlier, OSI Industries forged a valuable partnership with United Kingdom beef producer Pickstock. This match has worked out perfectly for OSI due to Pickstock having such an inside track within the market in Britain.

2016 saw OSI Industries acquire the Dutch food wholesaler Baho Food as well. Baho has a significant distribution reach across Europe and operates facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. This is a large addition to OSI’s footprint in Europe. OSI President David McDonald is thrilled with this acquisition due to the excellent boost that it provides to OSI’s portfolio in the European market. OSI Industries has also put a €17 million investment into its facility located in Toledo, Spain. The improvement to the production line at the location has doubled chicken production. In recent year there had been a marked increase in demand for processed chicken in OSI’s markets in Spain and Portugal. This upgrade was in response to the growing demand. It is part of OSI Industries continued commitment always being able to provide its customers with the best possible food solutions.

About OSI Industries:

OSI Industries is an American meat processing and food solutions company based out of Aurora, Illinois. The company was founded by Otto Kolschowsky back in 1909 as a small meat market and grew into a regional wholesaler. As the company grew, it picked up some big clients along the way such as McDonald’s. This relationship continues to this day. In the 1970s the company started expanding nationally and globally and today operates in 17 countries worldwide. OSI Industries is a top 100 food company in the United States and one of the worlds biggest companies of its type. The company has always maintained a reputation for family values and outstanding customer service.

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