Article Questions Freedoms Checks as Valid

In a recent article put out by, . us they put into question the new phenomena known as Freedom Checks. There is a lot of talk in the financial world if these are actually legitimate, especially since the ads show people holding a check looking very much like a government U.S. Treasury check.

It’s All In the Marketing

The company’s founder, Matt Baldiali, is having fun with this marketing campaign, equating his investment services akin to winning the “lottery” from the government. That is all that is being played here with those ads. He is only using that to create buzz and get people talking about it, which he has successfully done by getting people to call is a “scam” and “hype”. In doing so, he has much more people covering it than if he just touted his products at face value. Again, “freedom checks” are not a scam!

So…Real or Not?

So, these “freedom checks” are not actually checks that is promising the receiver a huge cash amount (especially given to you by the government!). The checks show in the ads are just marketing tools to illustrate the potential for what you could make with your investment. The company’s founder, Matt Baldiali, is actually selling an investment newsletter for MLPs into his company. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

So, what are Freedom Checks exactly?

These “checks” are actually are form of investment in to MLPS – or Master Limited Partnerships, where investors get paid a return on their investment, typically on a monthly or quarterly basis. Freedom Checks are this same thing, but just marketed as a check to “freedom” by the company’s founder. Therefore, it is a completely legitimate investment mechanism being marketing.

Final Verdict

The article concluded that while the marketing seems a little “scammy”, these are perfectly legitimate MLP products that are being sold to potential investors for high profit.