Does America Embrace Free Speech?

LinkedIn says the Constitution of the United States was created to give Americans rights and freedoms. One of the most important ideas that comes from it is the 1st Amendment, which disallows any infringement of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. This amendment gives those who disagree with an idea the ability to speak out about it in a peaceful way, including protest. This is one of the ideas that makes the United States of America different than many other countries who prefer to silence their citizens when they have ideas that are not popular. With this being said, idealistically America embraces diversity of opinion, but recently this right has been slowly silenced.

In a recent Washington Post article, this “silencing” of diverse thought is discussed. It seems to occur most often in college settings, which is very frustrating as universities should be environments conducive to free thought. Instead, many colleges have trigger warnings, which are signs to let students know that the ideas might hurt someone’s feelings. This is ridiculous; the Constitution does not mention anything at all about freedom of speech being the law unless someone does not like it.

The most interesting part is that conservative ideas are the ones who are getting the most censorship. And where does it come from? For the most part, it comes from liberal groups who “swaddle” the college generation. These liberal groups are the ones who demanded freedom of speech when the conservative ideas were favored, but recently, I think they have forgotten that fact.