Seven New Species of Frogs Discovered

Seven new species of tiny frogs have been discovered in the Atlantic Coastal Rain Forest in Brazil. A team of scientists went to the mountainous cloud forest where the frogs live specifically searching for new species. These frogs are brightly colored, probably as a warning to hungry predators that they contain a poisonous toxin, and are about the size of a human thumbnail. The genus that these frogs belong to was discovered in the 1800’s, and new species within the genus have continued to be discovered since then.

Sam Tabar has learned that these frogs have a very small habitat, since they are adapted to live only in high-elevation coastal rain forests. Also, the areas where they live are hard for humans to get to, and that is one reason why these species have been undiscovered until now. The scientists who made the discovery said they are confident that there are more undiscovered species within this genus of frogs to be found.

Personally, I think that the discovery of these frogs is great news. As humans, we think we understand the entire natural world, but the truth is we don’t. We need to continue studying nature to learn more about other species. Also, we need to do a better job at protecting natural habitat from destruction.