Keith Mann Cultivating Leadership through Scholarships

The changing economic world is demanding leaders who are innovative and unique. Companies can tap the right leaders from different learning institutions. However, at times their options are limited because low-income students who are talented in different ways do not graduate. This means that they cannot be hired to work in any company as leaders. Keith Mann is closing this gap by introducing scholarships to low-income students. The intention is to help them, not just attend college, but also graduate with great grades and end up successful.

Partnering with Uncommon Schools

Keith and Keely Mann Scholarships have been rolled out in partnership with the Uncommon Schools that helps low-income students earn a college degree. The scholarship has boosted the closing of the achievement gap. Students can thus exploit their abilities in schools and finally get companies to work with.

Learning Practical Skills

One of the main aims of Keith Mann is to help students learn practical skills. This will help them succeed in school and still prosper in the job market. While working in the search market, Keith knows the importance of finding the right person to fill a certain vacancy. Therefore, the partnership will boost what students learn in schools. This is because the focus will be beyond college to help students prosper in the job market.

Next Generation Leaders

The business world is changing every day and posing new challenges to different companies. Future leaders therefore, will have to get the right skills to enable them manage a changing environment. This means that students have to position themselves in the right way. Keith Mann is focusing to see innovative leaders who will unlock new problems.

Keith Mann Innovative Ideas

Keith is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners. He is passionate about placing experts whose skills match the job requirements in the alternative investment companies. Every year, he fills over 200 client mandates across different continents including United States of America, Europe and Asia. He established the firm as a premier executive search company in 2009 after realizing the hedge fund industry was being underserved. Keith helps hire professionals in marketing plus strategies about internal processes of a company.

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Keith Mann Expresses Philanthropy With His Love For Education

Keith Mann has recently announced Keith and Keely Mann Foundation scholarship in support for the underprivileged children in Brooklyn. The intention is to help them through college through the scholarship which is won after writing an essay of 1000 word explaining how the scholarship will help in pursuing one’s professional goal. A total of $5000 will be awarded to those whose essays will be accepted. Mann has been great supporter and advocator of education he looks forward to supporting seniors from the Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn a charitable organization succeeds through college. His philanthropy and generosity are majorly on making a positive impact in t elves of the uncommon school students and their low-income families.

Mann also hopes that the scholarship will promote performance in the uncommon schools for them to get the award to attend college. This will be a great way especially in helping them in pursuing their professional dream that was otherwise not achievable due to family inability. Part of Mann’s intention is to pair the students with professionals of their career majors in addition to making successful leaders in the business world. The Uncommon Schools high school charter program is very grateful for this positive gesture and regard from Keith. The said opportunity is meant to be available for seniors graduating each year after their successful applications.

Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners a firm majoring on alternate investment around America, Asia, and Europe. He has been in the search industry for over 15 years which he joined after identifying the potential of hedge funds and private equities that have not been tapped yet. Mann is also a great supporter of education in the Brooklyn region. He is also a famous researcher and an expert in making alternative investment decisions. Mann has greatly supported youths through his regular donations mostly for career-related objectives. His influence in hedge funds runs across many countries in the United States especially in linking firms to qualified executives in the industry. He has developed Dynamic Search Partners to being an industry that has an ability to serve over 200 clients every year. His looks forward to using his success in helping youths achieve their professional career dreams while making good business leaders.

The Amazing Philanthropic Success of Charles Koch

George Mason Univeristy has been hailed as one of the most important schools in correlation with the conservative republican party. Charles Koch, a well-known businessman and philanthropist, has been pouring millions of dollars into this university every year. These millions of dollars are being invested into the law and economics programs at George Mason University. In the last 5 years, Koch has donated close to 50 million dollars to this university. Most recently, the Koch Foundation announced a 10 million dollar gift to George Mason University. It seems as though Koch won’t be slowing down anytime soon with the donations to George Mason.

Koch cut his teeth early on by attending MIT and earning his bachelors of science in general engineering. He then earned his mastered in mechanical engineering. He also decided to earn a second masters degree in chemical engineering. Rock Island Oil & Refinery is where is the family company where Koch began to find his success. When he became president of the company, Koch renamed the company Koch Industries in order to honor his father’s name. Koch Industries continued to grow until the company was generating over 90 billion dollars of revenue yearly. An annual breakdown of this shows that each year there were returns of almost 20 percent year after year.

Koch has some very strong views when it comes to politics. He is very concerned with having a smaller governmental hand in business. This has shown in the different philanthropic contributions that have been made by Koch over the years.

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Why Avi Weisfogel Chose Operation Smile to Benefit From His GoFundMe Campaign

Recently, Avi Weisfogel launched a GoFundMe campaign that targets to raise $2000 to help fund Operation Smile. This is an international charitable organization that provides surgical operations to children free of charge. It also serves young adults specifically those who have facial deformities such as cleft lips and palates by providing them with free surgical operations to correct such deformities.

As the name suggests, Operation Smile provides these free medical surgeries in order to give these children and young adults hope and happiness in their future lives. With these free corrective surgeries, they can live just like the other kids and young adults.

Recently, in an interview, Avi explained why he chose Operation Smile as the beneficiary of his campaign. He cited the belief that the organization has that every child should be provided the best surgical operations irrespective whether they are our own or not. They should grow knowing that they have an equal chance to live happily just like the other kids no matter the unfortunate position they find themselves.

Avi Weisfogel spoke of how his background and passions have always made him realize that the best medical care should be made accessible to all children. The organization shares his beliefs and as a result, he chose it to benefit from the fund.

Bill and Kathy Magee established the Operation Smile in 1982. The organization visits different places in the world to provide these medical services to children. The charity partners with the local hospitals, medical practitioners and other organizations to provide the best medical solutions to many children in those areas. They obviously require funding to be able to carry out these missions successfully. They need to buy equipment and also hire medical professionals.

About Avi Weisfogel

Avi is a dentist providing his services in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in biology and psychology. He then proceeded to New York University of Dentistry where he earned his DDS. He dedicates his time and his expertise in dentistry to provide sleep solutions. He has done extensive research to understand what dentists and physicians can do to relieve patients with sleep disorders.

He operates his own dental care known as Old Bridge Dental Care. He also owns Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor. He has been acknowledged because of the quality of services he offers in his practice. Avi has earned the accolade of the Best Dentist for many years.

The Professional Achievement Scholarship by Keith Mann

Earlier this year, Keith Mann and Keely Mann in appreciating and recognizing that Brooklyn schools are giving rise to a new wave of leaders, announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The Scholarship will be made possible through the arrangement that the two have entered into with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn. Uncommon schools is a New York based non-profit organization. The scholarship will be offered to one student who has graduated from one of the Uncommon Schools. The scholarship will helpful in assisting a student secure college education.

The process of selecting a beneficiary of the scholarship will be through writing a 1,000 word essay. Any interested applicant will explain in the essay why a college degree is vital in them achieving their desired goals. The scholarship is only available to senior student who are to graduate or have graduated from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. The period of application runs up to 29th February 2016. The successful applicant will be granted a $5,000 scholarship to fund their college tuition. The scholarship is specifically aimed at students who come from families earning low-income hence unable to fund their college education. A college counselor at Uncommon Charter High School applauded the two for this benevolent action and program.

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic Search Partners provide services to hedge funds by helping them acquire experienced and talented individuals for their firms. Keith has over fifteen years experience in the executive search industry. He developed the Alternative Investment Practice after realizing that the hedge fund industry lacked quality service providers and executives taking into account the fast rate at which it is growing. Keith is currently involved in the management of Dynamic Search Partners.

Keith Mann is extremely passionate about education and this saw him start the scholarship for professional achievement. Keith’s philanthropic initiatives are not limited to education only. In February 2015, in demonstrating his moral support for the NYPD during their protests, he provided lunch to them. He has also facilitated a funds drive that raised over $22,000 in support for the Uncommon Schools.

Avi Weisfogel Raises Funds For Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist that practices in New Jersey. He also grew up in that area, specifically in the town of Old Bridge. He studied Biology and Psychology at the Rutgers University and obtained his bachelors degree from this school and launched Old Bridge Dental Care upon graduating. At New York University he obtained his dentistry degree which is a dental college.

Avi Weisfogel wanted to help others so he started teaching others how to treat problems with sleeping such as Sleep Apnea. He has a ton of experience helping people with sleep problems and has been in this business for over sixteen years. He has taught many people that problems with sleeping can be related to dentistry and how well patients take care of their oral hygiene.

Since Avi Weisfogel cares so much about children and dentistry he wanted to start a fundraiser that would help a charity called Operation Smile. This charity helps children get medical procedures to cure deformities. One of the deformities that Operation Smile sees the most is cleft palate. They also help children who have cleft lips.

There were two people that started this wonderful charity. Kathleen who was a nurse and her husband William Magee started this organization. William Magee was a plastic surgeon that saw the need for such a organization to exist to help children whose parents would otherwise not be able to pay for these much needed operations. They both knew the importance of helping these children get the surgeries that they needed in order to lead a happy and healthy life. They originally only helped children in the Philippines but have since grown to other places around the world.

This charity needs donations so that they can supply the tools to the volunteers that make trips to parts of the world to help children in need. They need to pay for the trip for all the volunteer doctors and medical staff to make sure they have enough people to get the job done right. Operation Smile helps children in many different countries, six in all. Operation Smile has preformed over a fourth of a million surgeries on children since they started the organization. If you would like to help Avi in his mission to raise money for this wonderful charity you can head over to his GoFund Me page. There you can donate to help children get the much needed surgeries that can change their lives.

Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his campaign.

Scholarships for Students in the Business Field

With so many students struggling to better their education, it is nice to know that there is someone out there who is more than willing to assist these individuals. College nowadays can be too expensive and may be just a pipe dream for many. Those who are in the business field know how vital it is for them to obtain degrees and have an education because it will help them to find and achieve better jobs in the marketplace. Keith Mann is a hedge fund owner and director who is helping students in Brooklyn, New York to reach this potential and get the education that they know that they need.

Keith Mann, himself, is a leader in the business world and has over 15 years with his company known as Dynamics Search Partners. His business has helped other companies reach their own potential when it comes to hedge funds and business marketing. With his extensive knowledge of the business industry, it is no surprise that Mr. Mann is knowledgeable about how important it is for you to get a good education and have it available to you in the future when looking for jobs and working in the industry.

This scholarship is easy and quick for students to apply for, as they only have to write up an essay which explains how and why they think an education is important to their overall lives. The winner who gets the prize will get a full scholarship provided by Mr. Mann and there will also be a variety of other winners who will come away with smaller prizes as well. This is ideal for students because of the fact that they might be struggling currently with paying for college and getting the education that they need. It is no surprise that college is expensive and can be a dream for so many people who simply cannot afford it and this is why Keith Mann has made a scholarship for those who would like to be able to get what they need and get that education that they can put towards their own careers.

Follow him on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all of his philanthropic endeavors.
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Keith Mann Publically Supports the New York Police Department

Keith Mann, the founding partner and visionary leader behind the executive search firm Dynamic Search Partners has recently taken a public stand in favor of the New York Police Department by publicly commending the nobility and great work of the local Police Department’s 54th St. precinct, as well as sending lunch to the entire division from a local restaurant, a small gesture of his unwavering support for the often times unrecognized bravery and excellence of the New York Police Department.

Keith Mann is no stranger to the potentially dangerous situations that police officers are forced to endure because of his type relationship with his uncle, who currently serves as a police detective for the police department in New York’s Staten Island.

According to his recent public statement about the matter, Mann believes that police officers should be thanked and not shunned for their undying diligence and commitment to keeping the city safe, and their life long commitment for ridding the city of its crime deserves to be recognized, if not exalted. Keith Mann, realizing that law enforcement is one of the cities most difficult and dangerous jobs relative to its pay, Mann recognizes that every police officer is a real person who, for the most part, tend to have extremely honorable intentions and that most of the public outcry is simply random, unfounded and unfocused rebellion.

Keith Mann and others like him have publicly taken a stand by reaching out to and supporting the officers of the New York Police Department because they realize that even the smallest gestures of support mean a lot, especially when the public is nowhere around to praise your good deeds. Despite the civil unrest and the reported political extremists who have been known to commit acts of violence against those who openly and publicly support the likes of the New York Police Department. Keith simply feels it is his duty to his country as an American to support the myriad of officers who defend the civil liberties of his fellow New Yorkers every day.

Keith Mann is a founding partner of Dynamic Search Partners, the hedge fund that was established in the year 2001. A former employee of Dynamic Associates, Mann is a philanthropist, most notably as a public advocate for improving the lives of young adults by providing them with the tools they require once they graduate from college. Keith Mann is also core contributor for the Hope and Heroes foundation.

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Giving Back to Nepal

Majeed Ekbal is well known throughout the Chicago area as a major real estate investor. However, he is now someone who spends big in order to bring in new hotels or name buildings after himself. He brings in grocery stories and other important businesses to local communities that previously did not have access to such establishments. On the south side of Chicago, for example, many of the neighborhoods did not have access to these kinds of stores. This meant locals had to either travel well out of their area of town, which proved difficult for those without vehicles, or they had to sacrifice would they would purchase by overspending at corner convenience stores. The grocery stores helped add new jobs and offer less expensive, fresh alternatives. This is a major way how he started to give back to the local community. With that being said though, Majeed Ekbal has started to look elsewhere in hopes of helping other communities not just in Chicago, but around the world. It is why he is working on a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise money for those still suffering in Nepal from massive earthquakes that hit the region just about one year ago.

Nepal is not a wealth nation. It has often lived on its own, out of the way of most international issues. It does welcome a small amount of tourists throughout the year, which helps bring in nice money to the capital and some specific areas of the country, but for the most part, it is on its own. While this has helped keep the nation pure and free of outside issues, it also makes it more difficult to afford recovery. That is why it now depends on financial assistance from outside entities to help pay for new services and to rebuild. Majeed is hoping to raise $20,000 in order to donate to another company, which is looking to raise $1 million. This way, the money can go directly towards the country and it can offer help not only in rebuilding the nation but in offering medical assistance to those in need. Follow Majeed Ekbal on Twitter to keep up with news and other information.