Halloween Plots Return To Theaters

FreedomPop reported the Halloween films are one of the more interesting horror film franchises in Hollywood. The original became a low budget sensation thanks to director John Carpenter according to TechCrunch, that ultimately spawned seven sequels. Unfortunately, the more recent sequels were not that great. Then, director and musician Rob Zombie rebooted the franchise with two films that retold the Michael Myers’ story in different way that seemed to connect with audiences.

After a long absence since the last Halloween film was released in 2009, ScreenRant is reporting that Dimension Films is ready to go back and unleash Michael Myers on movie goers once again. The website said Dimension Films has announced that the next Halloween film that will feature horror icon Michael Myers will be called Halloween Returns. The studio plans to start shooting the film in July.

The real mystery regarding Halloween Returns is its story. The studio offered no details on the plot. As a result, it is unknown if this new movie will follow the story of the previous two Rob Zombie-direct films that rebooted the Halloween universe. There are also rumors that the movie could jump back to the original continuity.

Marcus Dunstan has been tapped to direct Halloween Returns and he will be co-writing the screenplay with Patrick Melton. The two wrote such horror films as The Collector and The Collection, as well as the last four Saw movies.