Bruce Levenson Attempts To Bring His Hawks Ownership Links To A Close

The former owner of the Atlanta Hawks and respected business leader Bruce Levenson has recently been forced to begin court proceedings against the insurance giant AIG amid claims an insurance claim has been ignored by the company. Levenson and his fellow members of the former ownership group of NBA franchise, the Atlanta Hawks have now filed papers in a Fulton County Court against the AIG insurance company with whom a workplace insurance policy was held by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC; the legal team working for Bruce Levenson ( have revealed few details of the claim, other than to state the policy should have been triggered by the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry.

Levenson’s legal team from the respected Barnes & Thornburg LLP group have stated a series of comments and actions made by Danny Ferry should have been far more than needed to trigger a constructive dismissal claim made by the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks. Court papers filed on behalf of Bruce Levenson reveal AIG were involved in negotiations surrounding the claim made over the $18 million, six year contract given to Ferry in 2012.

Time Magazine ranks Bruce Levenson as one of the most popular and successful owners in the NBA for over a decade prior to the sale of the Atlanta Hawks franchise in 2016 to the billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler. The philanthropic work conducted by Bruce Levenson within the NBA environment has been reflected in the work he has been working to complete in his own private life; Levenson has always been involved in charitable groups, but has recently stepped up his work with a partnership made alongside the University of Maryland in creating a school and programs dedicated to the education of future philanthropists and not for profit leaders.

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