Handy, Home Cleaning Services Could be the Answer to Home Cleaning Needs

Hiring house-cleaning services makes a lot of sense these days if when people maintain a busy work schedule or lifestyle. However, most people don’t have any idea about how to hire house-cleaning services. These tips can provide information about the hiring process and several things that need to be considered before making a decision.

How Often Are House-cleaning Services Needed?

Before researching house cleaners or cleaning services, a person needs to determine what their cleaning needs are.

• Are regular services required on a weekly basis, twice a month or just once a month?

• Some people prefer to call for services as needed and don’t require regular scheduled services.

• In some situations, a person may only need cleaning for a very special occasion or when moving in or out of a home or an apartment.

Define Cleaning Needs

• Does the whole house need to be cleaned or just specific rooms?

• Is it necessary for someone to be at home while the cleaners are working?

• What hours or days are best to work with the families’ schedule?

• Is anyone in the family allergic to certain cleaning products?

What Type of House-cleaning Services Are Preferred?

There are several different options available today for choosing house cleaner services. Each option may provide advantages or disadvantages depending upon personal preferences.

• Choose a company that provides house-cleaning services using sub-contractors. The company is responsible for hiring the cleaners, bonds and insurance.

• Select a house cleaner and hire her or him as an employee. This requires more paperwork and responsibilities on the homeowner’s part because they become an employer.

• Hire a cleaning service that uses their own employees.

Benefits of Hiring House-Cleaning Services

• The service is responsible for insuring, training and hiring employees or sub-contractors.

• Most services provide all the cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies.

• Cleaning companies have enough personnel to accommodate schedule changes or cover when your house cleaner becomes ill.

• Cleaning services handle the responsibilities for paying employees or independent contractors, and they also take care of bonds, insurance and taxes.

Handy, Home Cleaning Services

Handy, Home Cleaning Service is a relatively new cleaning and repair service that started in 2012. However, Handy not only provides excellent home services, but people can book their services over the Internet through techcrunch.com at their convenience.

To book their services, simply visit their website, and fill out a simple form, which includes a secured payment system and everything is all set. All of their services are provided by independent contractors, and the services come with a money-back guarantee!

Handy sends professional cleaners to clean apartments, offices, vacation rentals and homes. Their repair services include a variety of home services that most of us need a little help with at one time or another like interior painting, faucet repairs, toilets, air conditioners or even hanging drapes.

Whether hiring a cleaner as an employee sounds like a good option or using a great home cleaning and repair service like Handy is a consideration, make sure they are bonded and carry the necessary liability insurance.