Learn How To Correctly Apologize

How many times have you done something wrong, and you say you’re sorry so many times that you’re tired of hearing yourself talk? Maybe you even know someone who apologizes too much, and it can be a bit troublesome. Women tend to be the biggest offenders when it comes over apologizing, and there may be several reasons for this. Many women are taught to be polite, fun-loving, and to be courteous, and they tend to follow this advice to the word.

If women feel like they do something wrong, normally, they are the first ones to say they’re sorry, but how sorry should you really be? Saying excuse me is understandable, but you must only use those words when they are necessary, like if someone really is in your way. Some people even say sorry, and then they explained that they have a question, but why do you need to be apologetic because you need more information about something?

Dr. Jennifer Walden states in her journal that it’s normal to feel apologetic about something that you’ve done wrong, but you need to know exactly how to apologize, and not to over apologize, no matter what. If you do something wrong, saying, “I’m sorry” may be good enough, while other ways of saying you apologize may be necessary. If you keep the apology short and sweet, you’re more likely to not make others irritated or angry by the fact that your over apologizing.