Visual Search Engines Make Shopping Easy

Visual search engines are very helpful for everyone who likes shopping because these companies have gone past what would normally be used for visual searches. Slyce is the most popular of all the visual search companies, and they have come up with something that is going to make shopping more fun and more simple. Their search engine is going to help people buy the things that they want when they want them.

There are a lot more people who love to shop online because it is fast, but searching through online search results can be a pain for everyone. It is a lot easier if people are trying to use something that makes more sense of the image recognition. Slyce now has Pounce to help people shop online, and it is a mobile app.

The mobile app takes pictures to do searches, and it finds everything on the planet that someone could want to buy based on the picture they took. This is a really helpful thing that has happened because it is something that people will be able to use all the time. They can take a picture any time, and they are going to love the fact that they can get it done now which is a real product recognition.

There are links inside the app that Slyce made, and it is going to help people shop. Slyce did this with partners that get their results to the top, and Slyce has made sure that it is very easy to use. There are many people who like to shop online, and now they can get instant results from the app so they can buy right there. There is no waiting required, and then people are going to be able to have some fun shopping because it takes no time at all to do.

Slyce has made it easy for people to search for items to buy, and other visual search engines are doing the same things. The visual search engines that people use are going to be able to find anything in the world, and they are going to make it easy for someone to find what they need when they are making sure that they can get what they want. The picture helps people make sure that they are going to be able to get the right item, and the online search gets a lot easier because the visual search engine boils it down to the right items.

Image Recognition Technology

Visual search:
Visual Search or search by image is the ability to search with a picture than with a text.
Image recognition or visual search technology is is a find the similar technology which uses algorithms where computer technology mimics the way brain recognises images or objects or pictures which result in 95% positive matches.
This system has much-sophisticated image recognition which is very much like a human brain. This is cloud-based visual search platform uses object recognition algorithms and visual interference engines. Visual search technology conduct highly accurate image search that is exact match and find similar images from a search.
Just like the human brain this visual search technology uses paralleled computation to find the exact match during the search.
Within the database of many millions of images, the visual search technology makes it possible to recognise the exact or similar image matches in the most accurate and efficient way possible.
Visual search technology is set to impact the way people do shopping in future. The consumer can snap a picture of the something that catches their eye which they like to have exact same object or the item and using this visual search technology will be able to find similar or same item for sale immediately.
There are new apps coming every day promising this kind of service but not all of them are showing good reliable results. This technology helps users to upload the picture of the object or item they are looking for and find an equivalent product to make a purchase immediately. Visual search technology has a great potential for fashion and retail industry
Slyce Visual product search technology provider:
One of the best and leading visual search providers for brands and retailers is Slyce. They provide visual search technology and they help connect with customers at any time. Slyce is currently working with six of the top 20 retailers in North America. Captured images are streamed through series of recognition stages using this advanced visual image recognition technology used by Slyce to accurately determine matches. For every search you make using Slyce visual product recognition technology you get close or exact matching product results.
To put the retailer at the exact moment of shoppers inspiration, Slyce can make it happen at any moment.
Slyce in action: This is what they do as they integrate their visual search technology right into your already existing app as a retail partner. Consumers can do real world shopping by downloading their in-house Apps like craves, pounce or snipsnap. They integrate with world’s leading retail brands and provide shoppers with the ability to find things they like to have just by snapping a picture of the item with their smartphones.