Online Fitness Brand Fabletics Seeks To Design Workout Clothes For Wide-Range Of Body Types

Among the many frustrations that can come with being a human being on the hunt for clothes to add to their wardrobe is the disappointment of trying on clothes that aren’t the best fit. Oftentimes it can feel as though retailers are only creating clothing for a particular body type while everyone else must either find a good tailor or be forced to endure wearing clothes that they are not comfortable in. Consumers’ bodies are different and retailers that are seeking to be successful in the marketplace are recognizing that. Fabletics, an online brand that sells fitness clothes to female shoppers, has developed its shopping experience and clothes with this reality in mind.

According to a 2013 interview that actress and Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson gave to Elle Magazine, conscientious design is a priority for Fabletics. Hudson told the magazine that “designing for every body type” was “really” important and that the brand had developed workout clothes that were made for a variety of body types. These clothes include sports bras and leggings that are forgiving by making its wearer’s derriere “squeeze in and up.” Hudson also discussed her experience working with a physical trainer, the roots of her interest in athletics and fitness and her views on cleansing with the fashion magazine.

Fabletics creates a customized user experience that enables the brand to give customers more of the workout clothes they want and need. Fabletics is able to customize its shoppers’ experiences by asking to take a short quiz about their style preferences. The quiz also includes an inquiry about a customer’s body type and the option to select a “unique” body type if the choices for body type that presented are not relevant to them.

According to Elle many of the items sold by Fabletics are under $100. The price point coupled with the brand’s versatility and fashion-forward design make it a marketplace leader. The bloggers behind the shopping site The Krazy Coupon Lady reviewed Fabletics last year. The savvy shoppers expressed their belief that Fabletics was a good brand in comparison to competitors like Gap Body and that the company had prices that were on par with Target. According to a 2015 interview with Elle, Kate Hudson and Fabletics were working on a Fabletics collection called Fly. According to the Fabletics website Fly was a capsule collection that focused on bringing sophisticated style elements to the brand’s clothing.

The Most Important Tips To Choose The Makeup Brand That Fits Your Style

If you’re a woman looking for the next brand of makeup to buy from, then look no further, because I’m going to reveal to you the keys to choosing the right brand for you. These tips are some of the best on finding a brand that really can benefit your skin and look your best. As you go through this article, you’ll learn about some extensively powerful tricks for being able to choose a brand that truly fits in to your lifestyle and your goals. There are a multitude of brands that may fit in to what you want, but the key is to find something that fits your skin type and also was made with the environment in mind.

The Most Important Tips To Choose The Makeup Brand That Fits Your Style

– An Assortment Of Colors

Finding a brand with an assortment of colors is always helpful if you want to enjoy taking your skin to the next level. Colors are always an important part for finding what works for you. An assortment of colors are vital to look for. It’s not always the easiest thing to do to actually find a company with many colors, but there are some brands that make this their main offering.

– Variety In Texture

You can tell based off of the makeup if they have a wide range of textures available. The consistency of the makeup should fit in to your skin type? And that isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish. This is why you should find a brand that doesn’t cater to just one type of skin but an entire list of people. The texture is the one thing that can affect your skin, so be wise with what it is you use on your face. Do not buy a product meant for people with dry skin if you happen to have an oily complexion. Your face is different than other people, so the texture of the makeup you use should coincide with your skin type.

If you want to get a good brand, I highly recommend a brand like Lime Crime. Doe Deere is a makeup artist that wanted a cruelty-free makeup line with products for expressing oneself through colors and makeup. The brand has been a fan favorite for makeup artists and young women wanting to experiment with their look. It’s quite cool how the company is still independent owned and they have remained successful over the years. Doe has played a huge role in my makeup choices because of the range of things she has offered clients. There are countless makeup brands on the market, but Lime Crime is very different simply because of their approach to makeup design.