The Intelligent Acquisition of GovPayNet

The industry’s leading solution provider of public safety, investigation, correction, law enforcement and government payment service technology, Securus Technologies, has executed a brilliant strategic acquisition plan by acquiring the leading government credit and debit card processing company, GovPayNet (Government Payment Services). This intelligent move by Securus Technologies will easily allow them to increasingly expand their credit and debit card business solutions to a broader market and offer their clients an advanced level of payment services.


The credit and debit card processing diversity of GovPayNet sufficiently provides state-of-the-art payment processing solutions to government agencies as such payments pertain to fines, penalties, violations and taxes. Providing to over 2,300 agencies in 35 states, GovPayNet is definitely a huge and extremely valuable addition to the Securus Technologies’ family.


The CEO and President of Securus Technologies, Robert E. Pickens, is extremely excited to have GovPayNet onboard. With a 20+ year history of experience from GovPayNet’s CEO and his company, Robert has always been extremely confident that this acquisition would serve him well. Now that GovPayNet is an addition to the product portfolio of Securus Technologies, over 40 million payments are processed a year. With that accomplishment, other advancements are set to follow, especially due to the new sales team addition, hired in pursuit of another sector that is set to commence for the continuous government payment processing progression.


CEO of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie is also excited about the acquisition. His company’s most valued benefit in this deal is its advantaged capability of versatility. With the acquisition, GovPayNet can now diversely offer a wider range of services which inevitably, with the current great staff on board, can accomplish new business and earn more value for it in the process.


As it is already documented, Securus Technologies’ acquisition of GovPayNet was a great deal, earning the company over 40 million payment processes a year. As this is also a plus for GovPayNet, we will continuously hope that the current successful relationship of these two leading companies continues to brew and produce successfully. Visit each one of their websites for further details.


Securus Technologies – Preferred Inmate Communications Company

A company that has been rising to the top of the communications industry for many years is Securus technologies. They have been producing top of the line, quality technology for years and continue to produce new advancements ever week. You can feel safe with Securus Technologies and trust that they are providing services that are necessary for incarcerated inmates and public safety officials. There are over three thousand correctional facilities that depend on Securus Technologies with millions of inmates. Their technology and communication options are vital for their line of business and must keep up with the advancements in the industry.


Each week, their engineers and developers work to develop new software solutions to make their services safe and secure. They receive correspondence each day in regards to customers and their services. Customers are pleased to note that Securus has provided some of the best communications and technology solutions to help solve crimes in addition to preventing crimes from happening. They utilize a LBS software that has helped law enforcement receive insights on illegal assets, drugs and money. One customer reveals that they believe the LBS services alone are enough for them to continue to always use Securus. Their opinions stay strong that Securus is the best provider for inmate communications.


Securus is the leading provider for many incarcerated inmates and public safety officials within the facility. Their services are unbeatable by other contenders and they will continue to offer the best services that the market has to offer. They recently decided to extend an invitation to the public to visit their Technology Center in Dallas for a presentation on what they do to solve and prevent crimes from happening. They believe in always connecting what matters and keeping the lines of communication open, secure and safe for all parties involved.

Securus Technologies is Being Led Into the Future by CEO Rick Smith

Appointed CEO in 2008, Richard A Smith’s technological abilities are taking the company into the future. The CEO previously served as President of Eschelon Telecom Inc. His appointment at Securus was due to his expertise and dedication in his field.

Securus, a for-profit company, continues to be a leader in creating the use of video calls in prisons. The use of video calls allows inmates to have contact with visitors. Instead of the former face-to-face visits these calls save prisons money, improve the overall safety and allows for a wider range of inmates to have communication with outsiders. Another technological advancement is Securus’s use of biometric technology. Using this technology makes it easier to identify inmates as well as to allow for a more efficient way of managing inmates. Read more about Rick on

Under the leadership of Richard Smith, the company has invested more than $600 million dollars into various technologies and new patents – all, within three years. Richard was awarded his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering which he completed at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He then transferred to the University of Rochester’s Simon School where he earned his MBA. He also earned a Masters in Mathematics from the State University of New York at Brockport.

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During his nine years as CEO of Eschelon Telecom, Inc. he successfully grew the company’s revenue from approximately $30 million to some $350 million. This led Eschelon to a successful IPO in the summer of 2005. Richard accomplished this with his outstanding background, set of skills and breadth of experience and impressive track record. His valuable experience base in telecom, his series of positions in a wide variety of disciplines, particularly during his employment at Frontier corporation, prepared him for overall operations including finance, IT, business development among others.

As CEO, Rick Smith Securus has demonstrated his experience, focus and drive. This has contributed to him moving the company forward. This has resulted in making the company the undisputed leader in the corrections industry in regards to quality products and services. The company, located in Dallas, in in the best of hands as Rick Smith oversees the services for more than 1,000,000 inmates and 2,600 corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies in North America.

Securus Technologies: Background Information and Remarks

Securus Technologies is a technology firm, found in America. The company has its offices based in Texas, Allen, Atlanta, Georgia, and the main base in Dallas. Securus Technologies serves the prisoners, facilitating their communication. Along with the prisoners, the Securus technologies as well provide the government with solutions which involve the management solutions. Currently, the company is working with about two thousand six hundred correction facilities in the US and above 2200 correction facilities outside the US.


Securus Company has managed to thrive a great deal in the field of technology. According to the company’s records, it was able to invest the amount of $600 million technology field within a period of three years. The company confirmed this in July 2016. The company as well introduced the system whereby they could control the illegal cell phones. In 2017, the company was able to put containment in the connection between smuggled cellphones and other mobile networks.


The Securus telephone system for the inmates and their investigative technologies reasons the operationalization of information in our jails. There is the evidently increased security rate in the jails and real evidence development in the case of investigation of murder. The use of the LBS software with other resources to enforce the law has also impacted a lot in our Sheriff departments. Several illegal possessions, money, and drugs have been recovered using the software.


Continues development and evaluation of the Securus companies will continually lead to the increase in their capabilities. With their abilities increment, our inmate security and investigation improvement will be guaranteed. To wrap it all, with the Securus Technologies have many years of experience in the field of technology and correctional service, I give it an excellent remark. I have never come across such a company implementing such better and effective technological works.





This year, the Stevie Awards took place on February 24th at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The awards registered a 10% increase from 2016 with over 2,300 nominations from organizations of all sizes in various industries as reported by PR Newswire. The competition had 77 professionals from around the world acting as judges with 75 members determining the Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Award placements.


Securus Technologies, an enforcement and correction agency whose headquarters are in Dallas, Texas scooped the best customer service award courtesy of its training department. The company handles about 1,200,000 inmates across North America through the provision of civil and criminal justice technology and facilitation of ongoing investigations as shown on their website.


Receiving the award, Ian Jones who is the director of support services expressed his gratitude to the training team who are the reason Securus won the award. He also noted that the company’s net promoter score and customer satisfaction indices were at an all-time high.


The senior vice president, Danny de Hoyos echoed these sentiments and also appreciated the fact that their efforts towards ensuring an excellent customer experience were recognized. Securus Technologies beat other key players in this category in what is termed by PR Newswire as the world’s top awards for customer service, contact center, business development and sales professionals.


The future of Securus Technologies is bright. They have managed to ensure their customers are satisfied which is a crucial business component in the unique security space. Competitors and other stakeholders should borrow a leaf from them by ensuring that good customer experience is intrinsic.


Interested parties should also come up with more awards for exemplary performers who set a good precedent for new and existing business people. Securus Technology promises to continue providing customer centric solutions to all customers.


GTL spurned by its superior, Securus

GTL, a bit player in the prison services industry who has struggled to maintain any scraps of relevance, was recently dressed down by its superior rival Securus in a humiliating, public check-mate. GTL had been making frivolous claims about Securus’ broad lineup of industry leading technologies. Securus countered by offering a level-playing-field comparison of a few of the two companies’ technologies which compete in the same space. GTL, knowing defeat was imminent, had no choice but to decline, effectively ceding the abortive contest to the victor, Securus.


Game-changing technologies that touch the lives of inmates

Despite what detractors say, Securus’ almost $1 billion in research and development expenditures over the last decade have produced real results. One of these is its Primonics video visitation system. Primonics is a fully featured, high definition video visitation system that puts inmates into face-to-face contact with their loved ones. This not only allows functionality very similar to in-person visitations, it allows is at incredibly cheap prices and at frequencies never before possible.

Prior to the mid-2000s, if an inmate wanted to see and hear from their loved ones they were consigned to make either outrageously expensive collect calls or wait to see their family in a traditional in-person visit. In practice, this often meant that inmates serving long sentences did not have the opportunity to keep in touch with their friends and family on the outside. Such inmates often lost hope, leading to disciplinary problems and, in the worst cases, life threatening violence.

With Securus’ video visitation technology, inmates can now stay in nearly constant contact with their friends and family and do so at rates that allow for even poor inmates to make weekly or even daily video calls back home. This instills a sense of hope that can keep inmates on the right track and lower recidivism.

Securus Starts Major Marketing Campaign

For over a decade, Securus Technologies has been a leading provider of communications and technology services and products to the correctional facility industry. Today, the Dallas, Texas-based company provides its products and services to over one thousand local, state, and federal facilities located all over the country.


The most popular product by far that Securus Technologies sells is their video visitation service. This service and product allows an inmate to have a video conversation with a family member or lawyer from a terminal in the property. The recipient of the video call can then access the call from their phone, tablet, or computer. This has allowed the company to help prisons reduce the need for in-person visitation, which has helped the prison become safer and more efficient.

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While Securus Technologies has seen significant growth in their product, there are still many facilities located across the country that have not started using the products yet. To help increase usage going forward, Securus will be starting a new multi-state campaign that will target prison officials across the country. The campaign will largely focus on a dedicated television commercial campaign, but will also include social media marketing and direct calling.


Securus Technologies will focus their advertisement on explaining the benefits of the video visitation service. While the convenience that it provides to all stakeholders is important, many facilities have also been able to use the service to help solve and prevent crimes. Securus provides an additional monitoring service that will record and review all video calls that take place in the property. If Securus happens to notice a call that is discussing a crime they will be able to forward the record of the phone call on to the local law enforcement office, who will then be able to act accordingly.


Securus Technologies Allows Inmates Free Calls

Securus has been highly involved in the connection of inmates and their loved ones. They do offer services at a price. Now, there is a promotion happening with Securus. This promotion allows inmates to connect with loved ones for free. They are allowed one free call everyday through Sept 7th in order to save money for their loved ones. In order to do this, Securus has joined with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections in order to grant this privilege to the inmate that is locked up at a LA DOC institution. This is in response to the recent floods that have devastated the area. The inmates that are connected with the family members that have been affected by the flood are able to benefit greatly from this.


Richard A. Smith, who is the CEO of Securus Technologies, states that connecting inmates to their families is one of the most important aspects of their mission. He has stated that he is allowing a maximum value of $300,000 in calls for those that are connected to the inmates that have suffered major losses from the flooding. Securus is also making other efforts in order to contribute to the helping of those that have lost a lot to the flood. Securus is also making donations worth a total of $50,000 for the inmate welfare fund in favor of the inmates that are connected to the struggling families.


 Securus Technologies is involved with the telecommunications aspect of law enforcement institutions. They are involved in supplying the technology needed for inmates to stay connected to their families. They also provide necessary tools to help the inmates rehabilitate and develop skills so that they can adapt to the outside world once they have served their term. The goal is to grant more than 250,000 free calls for the next week.

Securus Technologies Provides Newest Version of Its Software To Assist In Public Safety

Corrections and law enforcement personnel have a new tool to assist them in their investigative efforts. Securus Technologies, a Dallas, TX-based technology company recently announced the release of THREADS 3.1. The software application allows public safety, investigation, corrections and inmate communication monitoring agencies a way to analyze “big data” for identifying and reporting on suspicious inmate phone calling patterns, associations, correlations, communication events and fraternization.

Most corrections facilities have listened in on inmate phone calls as a way to monitor inmate behavior and gain insights into other criminal behavior. THREADS has been a popular tool helping investigators since its original release. The software uses a set of proprietary algorithms to identify potential conspiracies exposing potential gang, narcotics, and terrorist groups.

The new platform is based on HTML 5 and offers the user a web-based interface for easy navigation. Baseline performance was also improved and some functions such as record loading and search were streamlined and redundancy eliminated.

Securus also provides correction facilities with a number of other tools that provide inmate communications. For example, the company has its Video Visitation program that allows those incarcerated and their loved ones to visit via a video link even from the comfort of the families’ homes. More information can be found on the company’s website at

Securus Technologies has invested heavily in software and tech applications spending $600 million in the acquisition and development of several hundred safety, security and efficiency related products over the last three (3) years according to a recent press release ( This investment makes Securus one of the top providers of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for the law enforcement and public safety markets with over 800 products.

To meet the growing demand for its technologies, Securus has also expanded its sales force significantly over the past year to serve its more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and over 1,200,000 inmate customers across North America.

The company’s history began in 1986 as T-Netix, Inc. Through a series of acquisitions and mergers, the current Securus Technologies came into existence in 2004. Currently owned by the Boston, MA equity firm Abry Partners, the privately-held company does publish financial data. The company website does report over 750 employees and is the holder of more than 100 patents for its technologies.