How One Chief Compliance Officer is Making The Workplace Women-Friendly

The corporate world can be a very tough place for women to succeed. The environment tends to be very male dominated. However, some women have made their way to the top of the corporate world. Helane Morrison is one of those women, and her success is inspiring to women everywhere. Not only has she succeeded in the corporate world, but she has helped to create a female friendly work environment at her place of employment, Hall Capital.

Hall Capital is among San Francisco’s most successful companies. They help people and corporations to invest money wisely, and they do a very good job at it. Due to their skill and experience with investing, the company has become extremely successful. However, there is something else that has made them become successful. As a company that has been run by women at the top, the company truly embraces all kinds of diversity. This allows them to bring in candidates of different backgrounds. Rather than hiring candidates from merely one group of people, they select the best from all groups. Therefore, they are drawing their potential employees from a significantly larger pool of people. Read more about the good work the leadership at Hall Capital are striving to accomplish:  

Morrison not only has been successful in finance, but she also has had a distinguished legal career. She even headed the SEC for a time before she began working at Hall Capital.  However, she has made a startling observation about the world of employment for women. At places other than Hall Capital, women often feel alienated. Helane knows a number of women working at other financial institutions, and they even have their own meetings at some of them. They actually feel so alienated from the mainly male workforce that the women have meetings of their own. However, at Hall Capital not only does the company include women in the workforce, but everyone works together. 

Women are motivated to come to Hall Capital, because the workplace is very female friendly. Not only are they open to hiring women, but many women feel encouraged to apply to a firm that is run by women at the top. Therefore, there are a lot of women that work for Hall Capital and have become successful there. Morrison has helped to make this happen. She works as a managing director, and she is the company’s general counsel. According to her Crunchbase, she also is the chief compliance officer of Hall Capital. Her efforts to make Hall Capital a friendly work environment for women have been very successful indeed. 

To learn more about the Helane’s role as Chief Compliance Officer, read about the field of corporate compliance as a whole.

Mangers Are Creating Roadblocks For Women And They Don’t Realize It

There are many women in Corporate America that have beat the odds and have senior positions with large corporations. But many of them say there are road blocks that won’t allow them to move up the corporate ladder. Those roadblocks are the managers that work with them and the managers that are above them. Even though recent surveys say women are caught in a trap, 87 percent of the men that are senior managers say women have as many opportunities as they have. Only 57 percent of women in the workplace agree with that assessment. 

Senior managers don’t intentionally create roadblocks for women, according to Helane Morrison. Morrison is the dynamic leader of the San Francisco Hall Capital Partners LLC. Morrison is for gender equality, and Hall Capital Partners is a good example of how effective gender equality can be. Morrison likes to say that diversity is one of the prime ingredients in a successful company, and Morrison says her company is successful because it is so diversified. But diversity is still a talked about non-entity in many of the large corporations across America, according to Morrison. 

Helane Morrison knows what she is talking about, as evidenced by her prolific LinkedIn resume. She is an attorney and investment manager as well as a top-notch negotiator and speaker. She is also a former regional director for the Security and Exchange Commission. Before she accepted the job at Hall Capital Partners, she was a working partner at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, the San Francisco law firm. Morrison is a major proponent of a women’s surge to the top of Corporate America. Follow the latest news about Helane on her Crunchbase and to see her work in detail, check out the Google Book below of a closed case she litigated.

The women’s surge means women must be considered by male managers when position are open at the vice-president level. The surge also means women must be paid the same as men, and at least 30 percent of the attendees at management meetings must be women, and 30 percent of the onstage speakers at those meetings should be women. 

According to a recent article, Morrison said that male managers are in unexplored territory when it comes to recognizing women for their abilities rather than their looks. There are no classes in women’s leadership in business schools, so most managers have no idea how to deal with talented women like Morrison. 

There is still too much lip service and not enough action in corporations, but Morrison wants to turn that lip service into positive action for women across the country. 

Graphic Intelligence and Image Recognition

The Area of Growing Image Recognition
Why is image recognition considered to be graphic intelligence? Image recognition is image processing. This may be viewed as artificial intelligence. It is identifying the objects that are in any image. This entire process does include the identification of images. These techniques also includes noise removal. This is intelligence because the objects in the image are identified. The intelligence enters when the interpretation begins. This process will identify the objects in the object. This will be comprehended and feature extraction will locate regions, lines, and areas with various textures. This only one item of many collections of intelligence that would be used by the U.S. intelligence (IMNT.)This community would use many items to gather information. This may be also known as photo intelligence. This may be considered to be advanced software.

Slyce is Leading Visual
The company Slyce is a leader in image recognition. This is a company that has worked well with numerous leading retailers in North America. They use impressive visual product search technology to ensure that a business has the ability to connect with their customers at any time. Slyce actually has very advanced technology in regards to image recognition. This is inspirational technology because it is so clear and it is highly impressive. The customer has the ability to view items quickly and accurately.

Image Recognition and Innovation
It is true that image recognition is moving forward and taking the lead when it comes to the innovation for apps. This is spreading and racing to the top. This creative and impressive innovation is racing right to the top popularity within the tech world. This is on the popular rise because it is greatly improving search results and it is also creating a highly smarter social network. This allows for customized geographic information. This may be viewed as an exceptional personal assistant that provides clear and accurate information.

Man Shows Compassion for Woman who Killed his Wife

Jordan Byelich’s 35-year-old wife Jill Byelich was out for a bike ride when she was hit by a distracted driver. Jill, who was a mother to two children, died from her injuries. Jill was wearing protective gear, however 23-year-old Mitzi Nelson was looking at her cell phone, not the road, when she struck the mother of two.

At the end of Mitzi’s trial, Jordan came face-to-face with the woman who left him to raise two children as a single father. However, instead of taking his anger out on the young adult, he instead did something surprising- he hugged her. Jordan said that he did not plan the moment but the urge struck him when he saw her. He knew that not only was his family suffering, but her family was as well. Jordan knew that the compassion he was feeling was the compassion he knew that his late wife would have shown to the girl.

Bruce Levenson ( agrees that, while things can never go back to normal, Jordan is hoping that he can move on from the incident and raise his children like his wife would have wanted.

For the full story on the accident and Mitzi’s sentencing, check it out on The NY Daily News.

Teen Carries his Disabled Brother Over Fifty Miles to Raise Awareness

Hunter Gandee is a 15-year-old high school freshman who has just completed a 57-mile walk. While that alone is impressive, he also did it with his 8-year-old brother Braden on his back. Braden suffers from cerebral palsy and has daily struggles.

The brothers started their journey last Friday at Braden’s elementary school which is located in Lambertville, Michigan. The two boys crossed the finish line together on Sunday at the University of Michigan’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Center which is located in Ann Arbor. Throughout their three-day trek, the two had to stop every three miles so that Hunter’s muscles could stretch and Braden’s 60 pounds could be re-positioned. Hunter said that while the walk was exhausting, having people cheer him on and walk with them encouraged him to push himself farther than he ever thought he could.

This is not the first time that Hunter has carried Braden. Instead of using a walker, Hunter is known to carry his brother on his back through the grocery store. Last year, Hunter walked 40 miles to raise awareness for his brother’s condition. He also raised enough money to update the playground equipment at Braden’s elementary school. The playground now includes ramps for the disabled students as well as a rubber floor, instead of mulch. Ricardo Guimarães BMG cannot believe how inspiring these boys are and hopes that they continue changing lives for the better.

For the full story and pictures of the two, check it out on ABC News Online.