Michael Zomber Has Become A Continuing Success

Michael Zomber has many passions in his life and one major passion is history. He is well-known and respected for gathering historic weapons and armor for over 30 years. His historic weapons and armor are from all over the world. His knowledge of weapons and armor stretches from the 16th-19th century. Michael has skilled knowledge in Japanese, American, Islamic, and European arms. He sells his antiques and aims to educate individuals that purchase his antique weapons the past use and the potential use each one has to offer. Some of his antique arms were used by individuals during the American Civil War. Some of his weapons were used by George Washington and Simone Bolivar. He has appeared on the TV in the series Tales of the Guns sharing his historic expertise on weapons and armor worldwide.

Besides being a well-respected historian he is also known for being a great story teller. Some of his writing includes screenplays and some novels that have been published. The published novels include Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy, Soul of the Samurai, Jesus and the Samurai, and Park Avenue. Each of these published novels depicts his brilliance and expertise of historic knowledge. Michael Zomber has established himself through the years as a very intriguing and interesting author with great knowledge.  His exhaustively researched novels are all available on Amazon.

Along with being a historian and storyteller Michael has also contributed toward the support of organizations. The organizations he has supported throughout the years embrace peace. Michael has contributed to UNICEF, Amnesty International and Global Exchange, and Doctors Without Borders.

Michael Zomber’s wonderful home life includes two children with his wife. Michael, his wife, and his two children live in MD right along the amazing Chesapeake Bay. His wife and he work together on several projects. Some of the projects they work together on involve his film company Renascent Films. One of his documentaries is Soul of the Samurai. Michael has his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and English Literature. He also has his Master’s Degree from UCLA in English Literature. In conclusion, Michael Zomber has established an amazing and successful career throughout the years.  Zomber has taken his exoneration, and made the most of his life thereafter.