How Graham Edwards’ Telereal Trillium Has Made A Dent in the U.K. Real Estate Industry

There would be an endless list of features, articles and anecdotes that we can read online, but how many of them are really relevant, gratifying, meaningful and engaging? How many executive profile online you can find will captivate you with a good story and inspire you to do more good? Well, one story that could probably capture your fancy is the one about Graham Edwards, the chief executive officer of Telereal ( Read on to know more about Mr. Graham Edwards’ passion for quality service in the industry that he’s in.


Telereal’s Growth Since 2001

When Telereal was created in 2001, Graham Edwards wasn’t so much dealing with the great challenges, gigantic problems and fiery workforce that he is currently facing. He just wanted to create a company that could withstand the demands of the market and provide opportunities for residential homeowners, and project managers who wanted the best real-estate infrastructure for their company. Right now, things have grown and escalated. The problems have grown into an exponential scale, and yet Graham Edwards is more than welcome to still face them with a brave heart and unhurried and calm demeanor.

Graham Edwards’ approach and status is also not short of being outstanding, considering the fact that he has now initiated a total series of transactions of about 6,700 properties, which are the ones that have been transferred from BT to Telereal; all of this has reached about £2.4bn in outsourcing deals. Truly, Telereal Trillium is U.K.’s leading and probably largest real estate business company in the industry today.


Telereal Trillium’s Passion For Creating Value

Telereal Trillium under Graham Edwards’ management has seen one of its triumphant and blazing growths in its entire history. In fact, if you aggregate the property partnerships, strategic land developments and investment deals that are made by Graham Edwards with Telereal Trillium, it may total already to more than 8,000 in real estate properties. How impressive is that? It is even safe to assume and claim that with such growth, at least 1% of the workforce in the U.K. has benefited from the business ventures of Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium.