Mergers, Acquisitions, and a New York Boss

Lincolnshire Management the New York-based private equity firm recently announced (October 15) it would be investing in Powerhouse and two other companies in an attempt to create a prominent national platform company. VSS a firm with a vested interest in high-demand tech-enabled business has also announced its minority investment in Powerhouse.

TJ Maloney, the President and CEO of Lincolnshire Management expressed excitement about acquiring Powerhouse and about working with VSS. The feeling was obviously mutual as Patrick Turner, the managing director of VSS also expressed excitement about the partnership. Both parties look forward to drive growth and claim a bigger stake of the multi-million dollar market.

Lincolnshire Management has made over 85 acquisitions in various industries since its inception in 1986. The company is a leader in investing in middle-market companies and TJ Maloney has been a driving force for its growth for over 25 years. He has guided the company initiative for acquisitions and mergers since joining the company in 1993.

Currently, Lincolnshire Management controls over $1.7 billion in private equity funds and its most recent equity fund is valued at $835 million. The company’s Fund II and III are in the top quartile of private equity funds.

Powerhouse, one of Lincolnshire Managements’ recent acquisitions is a provider of national construction services, facility maintenance, and rollouts. The company is located in Crowley, Texas, but provides services to a wide range of businesses nationwide.

SVW, the other acquisition, and its lucrative add-on, One Source Security & Sound is a leading company involved in full-service installations of ATMs and self-service kiosks; it services financial institutions nationwide.

The merger of the companies will provide refresh, remodel, and facilities maintenance. They intend to serve a wide range of industries including healthcare facilities, convenience stores, national chains of banks, large residential rental apartment units and retail.

The merger will reportedly have more than 650 employees and more than 13000 subcontractors nationwide to cater to the needs of their growing customer base. TJ Maloney is optimistic about his company’s growth in 2020.

TJ Maloney graduated from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in 1975 and from Fordham Law School with a Juris Doctor degree in 1979.

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Nitin Khanna Has Done Big Things With Technology Since A Young Age

Nitin Khanna was born and raised in India and many of his family members were entrepreneurs who inspired him from a young age. He saw his relatives working with all kinds of businesses and learned what it was like to run a motorcycle parts factory and more. He attended a prestigious school outside of his village in India and got a good education there. When he was seventeen, he moved to the United States and attended Purdue University, where he got a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

Nitin Khanna got started in his career in the paper industry but he knew that that wasn’t where he was going to stay as things were quickly changing with technology. Not long later, he left his paper job and started working for a computer technology corporation, where he served in many roles and learned a lot. His younger brother came to the United States for school and Nitin Khanna was ready to get into something new so he asked his brother to start a company with him. They were twenty and twenty-five years old at the time and they created the company in perfect timing. The United States government needed the technology that they had created with their company and they helped it out. Nitin Khanna went on to found another technology company because of the great success that he had found with his first one.

Nitin Khanna lives in Portland, Oregon and meets with his team each day to keep up with what is going on in his business. He is careful about each idea that he creates and makes sure that it is going to stick around for the long-term before he moves on to something new. He believes that being investigative has helped him throughout his career and that by working hard, being patient, and having goals, he can accomplish a lot.

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Fortress Investment Group Has Introduced Open-End Fund To Investors

Fortress Investment Group has introduced direct-lending to boost the amount of money the company has been lending to investors. This is a lending strategy that is mostly focused on ensuring that customers will be getting more credit from the company. Although customers are the ones who are likely to gain from this innovation, Fortress Group will be able to establish itself as one of the most profitable companies to the interested investors.

Recent reports indicate that Fortress Investment Group is expected to launch another funding opportunity that is designed explicitly for intellectual properties, solving real estate debts, and helping in the purchase of aircraft leases. The owner of Fortress Group, SoftBank Group Corporation, is expected to close the direct-lending for 42 billion shortly. However, the $2 billion funding will not only be used to buy real estate debts but will also play a significant role in buying other profitable ventures.

Another product that has been on the raise at Fortress Investment Group is an open-end asset fund, which has already attracted $500 million. Recent trends show that Fortress Group is drawn to the private credit market due to the higher yields from investments. This has caused significant shifts in the operations of the company. Fortress Group has already moved its operations from pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, and insurance companies.

So, what is a private credit market? This is money given to various organizations for investment opportunities after careful negotiations between the two parties. Careful negotiations have helped Fortress Investment Group to make huge profits than what it was making when it was trading its funds in public markets. In most cases, private credit markets may include structural lending, bonds, loans, and direct lending, among others.

This has made open-end assets to be a darling for many investors because they can pull their resources together and get a huge investment that is not common in other funds. Fortress Investment Group is using the open-end fund to help investors to invest in a low-cost and low-barrier market. Most of the public markets are known to be costly and high-barrier markets, which mean that only few investors can invest in these funds.


Ted Bauman Predicts Tough Times for Big Health Insurance Firms

Medicare for All will soon replace Obamacare a health insurance program that was introduced by the Obama administration. Experienced economists and research analysts like Ted Bauman predicts that the uncertainty surrounding Obamacare and health regulations is undoubtedly going to badly hit the big health insurance firms who were the biggest beneficiaries of the Obamacare program. Medicare for All plan has lately been gaining popularity from both quarters of the political divide. The program is a healthcare system that will be operated entirely by the government as opposed to Obamacare that was left in the hands of health insurance private companies. According to Ted Bauman, the introduction of Medicare for All program will be bad news for healthcare insurers.

The healthcare insurance companies have been pocketing vast sums of profits through the collection of higher premiums from subscribers who had minimal control of the healthcare services they purchased and at what price. As a result of the massive profits insurance companies were collecting during the Obama administration the shares of these companies have been skyrocketing in the stock market. Ted Bauman says that the Obamacare model was designed to operate under the private health insurers. The program created a mandatory mass market for the private insurers, and as a result, the firm stocks fetched reasonable prices at the stock market. The adoption of Medicare for All program will completely revolutionize the healthcare industry and will lead to a massive disruption of stocks in the health sector.

Ted Bauman predicts that health insurance firms will be reduced to providing high-end services only to a few wealthy individuals who can afford to pay for the high premiums. According to Bauman, the firms will be blocked out of the mass insurance market something that will be catastrophic to their share prices. Eventually, the firms will be reduced to a shell of their former selves says, Bauman.Ted Bauman also adds that it is not only the insurance companies that will get affected but also pharmaceuticals companies that have also been benefiting from Obamacare. Bauman says that currently, Congress has forbidden the government from negotiating drug prices with the pharmaceutical companies and if the government stands their ground pharmaceuticals will be forced to lower their costs significantly. Click here.

Things to know about Guilherme Paulus

Despite the numerous challenges that people experience in the world of business, a significant number of people have made it through by endurance and commitment. Brazil is one of the countries that expose entrepreneurs to a vast number of challenges including high government taxes, top competition among many others. A vast number of business gurus has, however, made it in the industry, with Guilherme Paulus being among them the duo started low in his career, and over time, he advanced into a successful investor that has won the hearts of many people across the globe.

The duo is today known for the many ventures he has established in the world of tourism and hospitality. He founded the GJP resorts and hotels that has attracted a vast number of clients across many parts of the globe. Guilherme Paulus is guided by innovation, and he employs its use in each of his projects. The duo seeks to incorporate modern designs in each of his plans. Besides, he also takes heed to the tastes and preferences of his clients before establishing his firms. Each of his projects is featured by modern designs that have been especially facilitated by highly qualified personnel. Besides, they also feature new sceneries that create a conducive environment and aesthetic models for his clients to relax and have fun. He has been highly appraised for his creativity and he continues to amaze people through the uniqueness of his resorts. Besides, he also seeks to offer all goodies to his clients at affordable prices to help them meet their set budget. On the other hand, Guilherme Paulus has also always worked hard to ensure that he sets his projects based on the emerging trends in the market.

Besides, Guilherme Paulus has always been passionate about investing in the field of business and he started his career in the sector while he was still a young boy, below 20 years. He acquired many idea form his mentors, and he has continued to embrace them. He is also friendly, and he barely collides with his team of workers but instead, he encourages them to work hard for the success of the company. The Story of Brazilian Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus

Jason Hope: The Philanthropist of the Future

If you have ever thought that it would be nice to live longer, then you may be in luck. Thanks to investors and philanthropists like Jason Hope, anti-aging may become something that is readily available to everyone in the future.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and futurist that has a fascination with technology and everything about innovation. Trends in technology are something that he has always been able to read, and because of his ability to tell which technologies will catch on and which ones won’t, he has made several lucrative investments. He is known worldwide for his expertise in a variety of areas, especially in businesses and technologies, and he has become a trusted adviser to many Fortune 500 firms. His success in the business world has led him to acquire several resources, and in the last decade, he has started donating these resources to more organizations that will help to keep technologies growing. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

In 2010, Hope donated to the SENS Foundation. At face-value, the SENS Foundation is just another organization that has made its mission the pursuit of anti-aging solutions. However, it is not the mission that intrigued Hope so much as how the organization wants to achieve it. The SENS Foundation is not just another wrinkle cream manufacturer, but a research that is looking for ways to create biotechnologies capable of repairing damage and stopping degeneration before it even starts. These companies are trying to stomp out degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and even target and destroy certain cells in the body that lead to natural degeneration. They are truly trying to find the Fountain of Youth with scientific methods. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

For all of these reasons, Hope is extremely interested in the foundation. He has since donated over $1 million to the SENS Foundation, and he is likely to continue his contributions. He knows that SENS has the ability to make the lives of so many people longer, healthier, and more comfortable, and this, along with the technological advances that the research can cause, makes it an extremely attractive proposition for him. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Hope has also donated to several other charities and organizations thanks to his business know-how and technological capabilities. He has been donating to several charities, like the Boys & Girls Club, Arizona Science Center, T Gen Foundation, and Teach for America-Phoenix for years. He will continue to invest his money in new technologies and donate to the organizations that can make them possible. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

George Soros Still a Force to be Reckoned With

George Soros has returned to the political battleground. The billionaire investor donated upwards of $25 million this past year to further Democratic candidates, including Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. Soros, who had been nearly vacant from the political scene since 2004, reportedly felt great faith in Clinton, as well as fear of her opponent, Donald Trump. While Soros was always found to financially support Democratic causes, this influx of cash far surpasses anything he has contributed in recent years. Soros found the political stakes to be particularly high in the political realm, as he disagreed with now President Trump on a number of big issues, such as immigration reform, criminal justice, and religious tolerance.

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The large donations contributed by Soros are seen as potential catalysts for further Democratic investments by big philanthropists. According to Politico, along with his contribution to the Clinton campaign, Soros also committed millions to organizations that work to protect voting rights, improve voter turnout, and abortion rights groups. Such donations seemed to have an effect on other big time liberal donors, as many moguls and hedge funders contributed large sums following Soros’ commitments. Read more on

Aside from liberal organizations and groups, Soros has also sought change by splashing money in another direction. The protest movement in Ferguson has been largely motivated by financial backing from the billionaire. According to the Washington Times, Soros, among other things, has spent years funding and mobilizing groups seeking civil action. $33 million was contributed by Soros himself in that time to support activists in Ferguson.

While these groups have gained much from Soros financially, it appears that he asks little from them in return, save that they keep up they doings in Ferguson. The activists receiving the funds from George Soros are not directly encouraged to protest. Rather, Soros merely gives them the financial ability to continue to fight for social justice in Ferguson, a cause very important to the billionaire philanthropist. Soros sees the movements taking place in Ferguson as the beginning of the social change that is so near and dear to his heart, and is crucial in his eyes to the betterment of society. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Christopher Burch – Fashion and Technology

Chris Burch is a prominent businessman and successful entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas. For him, he always struggles to become part of the business solution to businesses and individuals in the United States. He has also majored in the fashion and technology industries. According to him, these two industries have worked hand-in-hand to become seamless. If you want to succeed in fashion, you must first acknowledge that your success is geared towards business and idealism. Chris Burch commenced his first business by founding the Eagles Apparel Fashion Company in the United States. He started this company while still in college. Because he majored in the development of activated business entities, no one was suited to develop the most sophisticated business materials in this industry.  Check on for additional article.

For over four decades of professional experience, Chris Burch has gained an understanding of what businesses and companies need to succeed in this rapidly moving world. In the recent past, there is a hike in the competition. Therefore, you might consider using business as the main reason why you need to activate more money into your business world. If you are geared towards making money, more money can be made through uncertainties and developed management capacities.

Chris Burch has an increased capability to locate the gap between demand and supply, if you have a company that is failing, consulting his professionalism will give you the best results in this field. If you are also in need of activating your business brand, you can look for his experience in this field. When he founded his first company with only $2,000, he worked hard to become the best business model in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. He sold the company to the Swire Group at $160 million. Chris Burch used that money to develop the Internet Group of Companies that issues solutions to internet connectivity.  More to read on

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According to him, fashion and technology are always seamless. For you to succeed in the fashion industry, you must first develop your business I a manner that is located in technology.  Related articles on   One remaining constant is that both industries keep on growing in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Technology has always grown to become fashionable. Fashion, on the other hand, is considered as technologically fashionable if fashion is employed on its development. A fascinating part of this story is how they have kept on growing together. Looking at the experience makes you know what lies ahead of you.

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