The Iran Nuclear Power Deal Will Miss The June Deadline

Both Sides Say There Are Major Obstacles Hindering The Execution Of The Deal

Iran and six other world powers can agree on a nuclear deal. The United States and five other countries believe Iran has the ability to create nuclear weapons, and they want to control that ability using a nuclear agreement. The agreement says that Iran can use nuclear power for other reasons, but they can build weapons. Iran says they don’t want to build weapons. They just want power to “keep the lights,” so to speak.

Folks at Boraie Development recognize that the major issues that are hindering the deal may be hard to overcome. Iran wants the other countries to stop inspecting their power plants once the deal is signed, and the six other countries want to continue inspecting Iranian nuclear plants long after the agreement is signed.

But the real issue, when all the fat is cut out of the rhetoric from both sides, is a lack of trust. Iran doesn’t trust the West, and the West doesn’t trust Iran. Without trust, a lasting agreement is out of reach. Trust can’t be trusted unless it is earned. The history of these countries proves that trust has always been the main issue.