The Bad Effects of Knee Surgery

For those with knee pain, over the age of 50, surgery may not be the solution to your constant pain. There have been studies made that show that surgery, though offering pain relief is neither beneficial or permanent.

The studies have shown that those who have had knee surgery for the purpose of eliminating the pain still have pain after the surgery. The patients have said, though a duller pain, pain is still very much present in the knee. Within 6-months of the surgery, those with knee injuries have also complained about the pain returning.

Knee surgery is expensive and not beneficial at all. In this article, Ivan Ong reports, there can also be major side effects to the surgery such as deep vein thrombosis. Other side effects that could be caused by surgery include infection, pulmonary embolism, and even death.

When patients are told by their doctor that they should opt for surgery to eliminate the pain, the patient should do more research. Not only does the surgery only temporarily take away the pain but it also in a expensive operation. Instead of resolving to get surgery done, try medicinal medications, physical therapy, or anything else that could eliminate pain without needing surgery.

Pain in the knee, after surgery will persist. Surgery will not eliminate the pain says researchers. The pain will only temporarily decrease for a time of six-months or less. Do not waste your time and money on knee surgery.