The New Collection Of EOS Lip Balm

You may have seen the new collection of EOS Lip Balms on social media. The new collection by all natural skincare company is trending on both Facebook and Instagram. The popularity of this collection has not grown by accident. The help of social media influencer son two of the biggest social platforms has helped the company get the word out about their products. 

EOS purposefully teams up with top social media influencers to promote their products. Working with influencers is apart of their marketing strategy. Inflcuers share with their followers about the products. They tell their followers through videos and photos about the quality of the products, ingredients in the products and how well the products have worked for them.

EOS Lip Balm is a game-changing type of lip balm. The lip balms are made from the finest natural ingredients and will make your lips feel hydrated and smooth all day long. The FlavorLab collection includes eucalyptus, beach coconut, lavender latte, sweet grapefruit, lychee martini and watermelon frosé. All of these flavors are packed with hydrating oils and smooth shea butter. EOS Lip Balm will be your go to lip balm this summer to have smooth, hydrated and beautiful lips. 

EOS Lip Balm is the Number One Lip Moisturizer for Sale

The chapstick market has many competitors. However, only EOS Lip Balm is the number one product in this area. EOS Lip Balm has been around since 2010 and this company had to fight hard in the beginning to become the number one chapstick brand.

Many consumers are aware of the importance of chapstick. This small tube of cosmetics is designed to moisten lips and to make them supple. Chapstick products have been around for nearly a century. Once EOS Lip Balm had come onto the scene it revolutionized how people utilizes chapstick today.

EOS Lip Balm is sold within a wide variety of colors and flavors. Many of the flavors have a fruity taste and smell, The colors represent the fragrance of the balm and they are very soft and pretty to the eye. EOS Lip Balm is primarily marketed toward women but guys can enjoy them as well.

Many retail stores such as Well and Walmart, commercial pharmacy outlets stocked EOS Lip Balm onto their shelves many years ago. Once the balm hit the market people all over the country began to become aware of this new lip moisturizing product.

Many females really come to adore them. They often use this product as a part of their daily makeup routine. EOS fought hard to capture most the share of the chapstick market. They are still outperforming other chapstick brands to this day/