Social Security Advice From David Giertz

As an executive of a national investment company, David Giertz is absolutely qualified to inform people of the measurers needed to be taken regarding social security. David has an extensive thirty two year work history that began in 1988. He has worked for a host of insurance and investment companies.

Today, David is a certified financial advisor registered to conduct financial advisory business in 18 states and is the president of distribution and sales at Nationwide Financial Distributors. As a registered broker, David is involved in the business of buying and selling securities, such as stocks and mutual funds. As an experienced broker and executive, David has great advice for those nearing retirement and for those already retired.

The broker sat down for an interview with WSJ to give insight into social security planning and retirement. David expressed that from a survey taken by people retiring or nearing retirement are not being advised properly by their advisors. From the survey conducted, David stated 4 out of 5 people would change advisors if their current advisor was not discussing retirement planning and social security. He advises for brokers and clients to both have a good understanding of all the social security rules and regulations. He advises that social security could be up to forty percent of a person’s income once they retire, so retirement planning should be something taken seriously. He also warns against turning on social security too early, as doing this could cost a person $300,000 over the course of two decades.

David Giertz as an excellent advisor and broker that teaches us that planning for the future is vital. He highlights the importance of clients working with advisors that have a firm focus and guidance on helping people to prepare for their income, social security benefits and retirement.