The Growth of Mobile Wireless Services


There are many great benefits to mobile wireless services in a society. These services allow people connection to the internet without having to be in one place all the time. However, sometimes these services can come at a high price to customers. There has been a growing movement from start up companies to provide people with low cost mobile wireless services like FreedomPop. Here are several benefits that mobile wireless services bring and how companies are trying to get costs down in this field.


One of the biggest trends over the past couple of years is mobile use of the internet of FreedomPop. Once phones could be connected to the internet, it was only a matter of time before they became the primary way in which people accessed the internet. Just five to ten years ago few people had access to the internet through their phone. However, today the vast majority of internet traffic in developed countries is through mobile phone use. As more people start to have access, the costs have gone down considerably. There are still companies that want to reduce this cost to customers.

Initial Costs

There are many reasons why data plans cost so much to customers. There are a lot of initial costs for companies that want to provide this service to customers. Companies then have to charge high rates to recoup these costs. However, now that the infrastructure has been built many small companies are coming in to try and provide these services at a lower cost.

Freedom Pop

Freedom Pop is an example of a start up company that is trying to change this industry. Having only been in business a couple of years, they are still in the initial development stage. Their vision is to provide customers with low cost data plans that can compete with the biggest companies in the industry. Customers are willing to move their business over to Freedom Pop because they offer lower rates with the same quality of service.

Free Yourself from Typical Mobile Phone Plans with FreedomPop

FreedomPop might be the best thing to happen to the mobile phone industry since, ever. The success of this new company is all in its name. It is free. FreedomPop offers free service without any catches. Most mobile carriers offer their customers an array of seemingly magnificent deals; however, they always come along with stipulations. First, customers typically have to sign the next to years of their life over to these companies. Second, there is a cost. FreedomPop sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. I have done the research and I am impressed.

Despite offering consumers free 500 megabytes of data, 200 minutes of voice, and 500 text messages for absolutely free each month FreedomPop has still managed to acquire quite a profit. And they have acquired this profit without ever compromising the promises made to their customers. This is because if customers go over those allotted amounts they are given the opportunity to purchase more, of each. Do not be fooled into thinking, “so that is where they get you…” FreedomPop charges incomparable rates for additional data, voice and messaging. The prices offered to FreedomPop customers are truly second to none.

FreedomPop is likely to become the Netflix of the mobile carrier world. The perks that FreedomPop is offering to the world truly give everyone the ability to have a mobile phone. Coupled with that, the company provides numerable upgrades that customers may add to their plan for small fees. These upgrades include: an international phone number, anonymous browsing features, and phone insurance plans. There is nothing generic or fake about this mobile phone plan; its sole purpose is to save overcharged customers money.

FreedomPop is being discussed throughout the business and technology world. This company is sure to be the next big thing and sure to upset many of its big name competitors. The good news is that FreedomPop seems to be on our side, the consumers, and that is something we haven’t seen in the mobile phone industry until now.