Chris Linkas Believes In The Investing Power Of Individuals In Their Twenties

As a European Head of the European Credit Group Chris Linkas understands the importance of people entering the world of investing in their twenties. Their funds may be tight but they have the time to reinvest. An investment of $10,000 made at the age of twenty at an interest rate of five percent would be worth $70,000 when the individual turned sixty. If this investment were made at age thirty it would be worth roughly $43,000 by the age of sixty. If this investment were not made until this individual reached forty the value at sixty would be just $26,000. Investments need enough time to grow (relationshipscience).

Chris Linkas has an extensive  background in investments. He realizes the degree of risk is easier to withstand by a younger investor. Once an investors is closer to their retirement their investments are generally risk free or low risk such as certificates of deposit or bonds. The younger generation can handle an aggressive portfolio and additional volatility. This will provide larger gains. Chris Linkas sees the time and flexibility inherent to the younger investor. He has watched them learn from both failing and succeeding. There is a learning curve to successful investing and it takes time to master.

The younger generation has more technical savvy. There are online tools for investing and techniques not available in the past. These investors have access to online trading platforms, educational and financial websites, chat rooms, apps and social media. Chris Linkas knows these tools can provide an edge to help the younger investor achieve success. They can work with the wages they will earn in the future to establish a good retirement. Perhaps the best investment the younger generation can make is in earning a degree and advancing their skills. This enables them to increase their wages with new opportunities.

The best reason to plan investments is to ensure a good retirement. Numerous investments will provide a stream of income for the entire life of the investment. Investors in their twenties have a lot of advantages they need to use. This includes the ability to handle opportunities and risks, plenty of time and increasing wages in the future.