Innovator and Physician Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is the founder and head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro receiving his MD in Neuroscience (Twitter). If you are a person that suffers from a condition that affect your quality of life, Jorge Moll is someone who has always wanted to help someone with that circumstance. Moll has always dreamed about bringing healthcare, world-class research, and education to his birthplace, Rio de Janeiro. Anyone that Jorge works with that has any ideas, regardless of the topic, he likes to be open to new perspectives and collaborate with like-minded individuals. When Jorge hears these ideas, the next step is to choose the best ones and see which are the most valuable towards his research.


Positivity Leads to Success

Everyone experiences failure when starting and running your own company, that’s why Jorge Moll believes it is so important to learn from mistakes and be open to learn from someone who already had previous experience in the research field. When Jorge Moll sets his intention and brings so much passion to the table, he instantly impacts the lives of people and industries in a positive way. One of his main ways to go about business is to keep it simple and trying new ways to research, not just doing the same repetitive work.

In the research field, it can be frustrating trying to innovate science with the way certain publications are viewed by the masses, but Jorge Moll always finds a way to become successful regardless of these challenges. The best way Jorge likes to be productive is to run with his plans, not holding on to his ideas but putting them into action right away. Today, Jorge Moll loves how the trend of artificial intelligence is rising, and how human brains and machines are working together in an amazing way!