A Sneak Peek on Clayton Hutson’s Professional Career

Clayton Hutson is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in United States’ music and production industry. He runs a reputable company that organizes, supervises, and designs live concerts.

Clay Hutson’s Educational Background

Hutson is a trained theater designer. Before stepping into the entertainment industry, Hutson joined the Central Michigan University where he pursued an undergraduate degree in Theater Design and Technical Production.

Clay Hutson’s Professional Background

After finalizing his undergraduate studies, Hutson became a jack of all trades in the United States music industry. He was involved in setting up concert equipment, marketing music production companies, delivering equipment to concert venues, as well as setting the stage lighting.

Moreover, the theater designer worked as a sound engineer and project manager. After some years of handling these duties, Hutson decided that he was seasoned enough to start and manage his live entertainment production company.

An Overview of Clayton Hutson’s Live Entertainment Production Company

Hutson’s company specializes in organizing concerts, designing concert rooms, setting lights& sound systems, as well as supervising the concert event. These activities are crucial for any successful live event or concert.

Unlike the ordinary live entertainment companies, Hutson’s firm utilizes the state of the art technology and equipment to improve the outcome of his concerts.

The achievements of Clayton Hutson’s live entertainment production company

Hutson’s firm is one of the most reputable concert management companies in the United States. In 2018, Hutson served Kid Rock’s American tour. Mr. Hutson helped the band to complete its tour successfully despite the many obstacles it faced.

In 2017, Hutson managed the Honda Civic Tour which ran for close to three months. The tour took place in various places around North America and Asia. In 2005, the concert management expert managed Garbage’s bleed like me tour that was held in various parts of Europe and North America.

Into the bargain, Hutson has worked with reputable brands and artists like Kelly Clarkson, Alice in Chains, The Backstreet Boys, Rio De Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics, Guns N’ Roses, as wells as The Smashing Pumpkins.

Hutson credits his achievements to his hard work and attention to client’s unique requirements.


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