Desiree Perez Plans To Raise The Status Of Tidal Using Her Smart Negotiation Skills

Desiree Perez joined Tidal when the owner, Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) signed her up to manage the app’s growth and expansion. She is helping the music mogul transition from his decorated music career to integration with operating an international online-based music business. Desiree has strong negotiation skills which she earned in various previous business positions in the music industry. Her creative leadership skills help in signing up artists for the Tidal app and negotiating with the firm’s business clients and partners. During the preparation of Beyoncé’s Formation Tour, Desiree renegotiated the dates and details of the event. She was also behind the firm processions of the contract between Rihanna and Samsung.   Check this out.


According to, Jay-Z rose to fame by creating a unique brand and stirring buzz with his reputation and music. Since he began his career in the music industry, he has maintained a large following, massive financial profitability and earning one of the top spots in music charts such as the Billboard 100 List of the United States. When Tidal began facing a financial crisis, Jay hired his long time business time to revive the business and turn around the profit margins. Desiree Perez serves as the executive of Roc Nation and works alongside her husband, OG Perez in the Hova Group. Her connection with Hova Group and her husband greatly help her to elevate her business skills and the music industry’s know-how. Her vast experience in the music industry has increased the number of artists investing in Tidal and the app’s fan base. She uses the influence of acclaimed artists such as Beyoncé and Kanye West to stir an interest as she recruits emerging artists. Desiree assures the public that her efforts will help Tidal raise its usability among people and eventually allow the firm to compete among its gigantic predecessors such as iTunes.  Check also