Kynect Is Blazing New Trails In Energy Marketing

When the marketing company Kynect was founded by Robert Snyder in 2005, its original goal was to mix the traditional business model of the utility industry with innovations in multilevel marketing (MLM). Not surprisingly, this idea spread like wildfire across the energy industry.

Kynect is on a mission to change the face of streaming energy services. This means that a whole new exciting chapter is about to written. NRG promises that this new venture will lead to a productive and profitable future. The streaming services that the company provides will bring a new focus on affordability and efficiency to millions of homes across the entire United States.

Since the company’s inception, several thousand people have gone on to start their own business as a Kynect Associate and make a steady stream of income from selling energy services. Snyder, however, has always seen the company’s purpose as much larger than simply providing alternate income streams for non-traditional marketers.

In addition to money and financial stability, Kynect seeks to provide a means of personal growth for all of its Kynect Associates. With thousands of people currently in the program, it isn’t hard for people to find likeminded individuals to help them get their budding business off the ground.

Snyder prefers to keep the company’s organizational chart pretty simple, and the teams of associates are managed by groups of Executive Directors and National Directors. While the Associates often view the opportunity as a lucrative means of supporting themselves on top of working another job, the Executive Directors view their position as a full-time career. See This Page for additional information.

The Associates love having control over how much they earn by selling energy services, and they also love a break from the traditional grind of an office job. Even though Kynect does not promise that new Associates will make money right away, people all over the world have a lot of opportunities to generate a healthy income for themselves with this business model. Get Additional Information Here.

Associates not only receive an initial commission whenever they sign up a new customer, but they also garner monthly checks as a percentage of the customer’s recurring subscription fees. Furthermore, some Associates go on to become customers themselves, doing their part to help the company continue growing.

In summary, everybody involved in the Kynect organization appears to contribute their fair share to the overall bottom line.

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